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How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting in New Orleans

The cloud has revolutionized business information technology. It reduced the technology gap between small businesses and large enterprises, taking the competition on a more even ground.

The cloud allowed businesses to outsource computing needs like storage, IT infrastructure, and software and application rollouts to a trusted managed service provider. This removes the need for businesses to spend large capital investment on building their own IT infrastructure while also getting more flexibility and scalability that they are not likely to get with on-premise systems.

However, choosing the best cloud hosting Near me or in any parts of the US can be challenging. There are so many providers out there and there is a chance that you might end up with a company that is not a match to your business.

Best Cloud Hosting Near Me

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To help you out, here are some tips that you can follow when choosing a cloud hosting solutions provider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cloud Hosting in New Orleans

Best Cloud Hosting in New Orleans – Factor 1: Know your IT Needs You Want to Outsource

Before even considering any cloud hosting solution provider, it is important that you know your business IT needs first. This will dictate the level of partnership you will have with your chosen cloud hosting company.

You need to evaluate both your current IT infrastructure and your IT staff. This will help you determine a lot of things. Where is your weakness? Do you have a weak IT infrastructure or a less than adequate IT staff? Or both?

This will decide if you need a full migration to the cloud or if you can settle with a co-managed IT service instead.

In addition, knowing your IT needs like cloud storage, network security, application hosting, or data backup and recovery, will also let you narrow down the list of cloud providers, which leads us to the next factor.

Best Cloud Hosting in New Orleans – Factor 2: Know the Cloud Hosting Services of the Provider

There are different kinds of cloud providers in the market. There are full-service IT providers with cloud hosting capabilities, then there are specialized cloud providers that provides a specific kind of service.

Some specialize in just cloud communications, some only specialize in cloud storage. If you have multiple needs, you will have to look elsewhere for it.

Full-service IT providers, on the other hand, provide a more general set of IT services. They offer cloud migration, storage, networks, and application hosting. They may not specialize in one thing, but they provide great coverage for multiple IT needs.

That is why it is important that you ask the provider about all their services first and if they meet the computing needs of your business. This will determine if you need a specialized solution or a full-service cloud provider.

As much as possible, you want a single provider to take care of most of your IT needs to avoid confusion and incompatible systems.

Best Cloud Hosting in New Orleans – Factor 3: Know How Your Cloud Provider Keep Their Data Center Secure and Reliable

You also have to consider how your cloud provider secures their data center and how they keep it up and running.

First, ask where their cloud data center is. Is it located in a secure and disaster-free zone? You do not want to hear in the news that your provider’s data center was flooded right?

Second, ask how many data centers do they have. It is better to have multiple data centers for redundancy. If one fails, another can take over.

Third, ask them about their security approach to safeguarding their cloud data center. Access to the actual remote servers should be limited both physically and virtually. There should also be regular audits and monitoring to ensure that the servers and the whole infrastructure is in tip-top shape.

Last, there should be different high-level security measures in place to guard against different attacks including transmission interception, data breach, and other cyber attacks.

Best Cloud Hosting in New Orleans – Factor 4: Know the Type of Technical Support You Are Getting

A trusted cloud service provider should be able to assist your business every step of the way. From evaluating your current IT needs and planning your cloud migration, to actual cloud implementation and configuration of your service.

Also, the service should not end when you are already in the cloud. Your cloud service provider should still provide technical assistance to your business when you encounter issues related to the service you are getting from them.

Best Cloud Hosting in New Orleans – Factor 5: Know their Plans and Pricing

Price is the last factor to consider and not the first. You do not want to choose the lowest priced cloud provider from the get-go. You will only end up with cheap service because you were also being cheap with your budget.

Make a list of reputable providers that will meet your business IT needs first. Once you have filtered out the unworthy candidates, that is when you consider the plan and pricing of every provider left on the list. You can then choose what works best for your business.

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