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Best Data Recovery Company

Your data is critical to your business. If your network is the circulatory system of your organization, data is the blood that runs through it. That is why if it gets damaged or lost, you need a reliable to replace those data.

However, choosing the best data recovery company for your business can be very tricky. If you make a simple query on Google, you will find that there are thousands of choices available for you. That is both good and bad.

Good in the sense that you have multiple options, but also bad because it will be more difficult to make a choice from too many options.

What you need is a system or process on how you can choose the right data recovery provider for your business.

Best Data Recovery Company

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Data Recovery Company

To know if you are choosing the right data recovery provider for your business, make sure that you do your diligent research before making any decision.

You have to remember that this is about your recovering critical data that is important to your business. Entrusting it to an amateur can lead to that data being forever lost instead of being recovered.

So, when choosing the best data recovery company, it is better if you consider the following factors:

Data Recovery Process and Capabilities

The most important factor when considering a data recovery provider is competence. Finding that out, however, is more difficult than it seems. You really have to dig in and research before you make a choice.

You can start by checking their reputation. What have past clients said about them? Are they happy with the data recovery service they received from this particular provider or were they disappointed to the point of saying they will never work with this company again? That should give you a better idea about how they are perceived in the market.

Second is through an actual conversation. Ask them about their actual processes to gauge their technical ability. Ask them about their recovery rate. How successful are they in the past in recovering important and critical data for their past and existing clients?

A Class 100 Clean Room or ISO 5 Room For Data Recovery

Another factor is the actual infrastructure where the data recovery from damaged disks and tapes will occur. Ask your prospective data recovery provider about their class 100 clean room or ISO 5 room. For a clean room to be called such, they have to meet certain standards in regards to having a laminar air flow system utilizing HEPA filters.

For a better idea, a normal office has an average of over 130,000 particles per cubic meter. A class 100 or ISO 5 room has less than 10,200 particles. This clean environment in combination with good work practices has to be in place to be considered an actual and effective clean room for data recovery.

Data Recovery Security

Data recovery services do not end when the data is recovered. How your critical company data is handled before and after the process is just as important. After all, data theft is one of the most common cybersecurity threats right now and it is just good business to safeguard against it especially when you are entrusting your data to a third-party provider.

That is why it is important that you ask your data recovery provider how your corrupted data will be handled and where it will be stored. Same goes for the recovered and cleaned up data.

Hopefully, these data are stored in reliable and secure servers where it is guarded well physically and virtually.

Transparency of Data Recovery Company

Your chosen data recovery company should be informative. They should be able to talk to you personally or on the phone about the details of their service, which is not limited to how they will recover your data. It should also include the actual price. There should be no hidden fees and you should also inquire about options when they are not able to recover your data. A reputable company will not be averse to charging less if they are not able to successfully recover your data. Don’t believe providers who charge the full price and claims that if they cannot do it, nobody can.

Price of Data Recovery Solution

As you can see, the price is mentioned last in this article. While it is important that you get an affordable data recovery solution, sometimes, affordable also means cheap. Cheap does not give you great service and you might just end up having your data handled by amateurs, which can lead to more problems like losing your data forever.

So, make a list of the best data recovery companies first. Once you have the list, that is when you check their prices and see which one will fit your needs.

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