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How MSPs Handle Network Security for Small & Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs)

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Virtually all organizations’ IT network security is constantly under attack as cybercriminals are relentless in their attempts to steal and corrupt data. It’s almost impossible for small businesses to maintain an IT staff large enough to handle day-to-day issues plus give cybersecurity the continuous attention it should have. When small businesses experience a major cyber-attack, the related costs force approximately 60% of them to go out of business. Managed network services are the ideal solution. 


The following are tips for network security and if they seem too much, overall, for your IT staff, a managed network is the best way for you to avoid becoming a victim of cyber threats.

Install Updates

Security updates are routinely needed on smartphones, for software, and on apps and devices. The updates are “security patches” that provide important protection. The experts say that the latest versions of web browsers, operating systems, and security software provide the best defenses against online threats such as malware and viruses. Always make it a priority to install updates as quickly as possible.

Limit Data Access for Network Security

Give employees access only to the specific data systems they need to perform their specific job duties. In addition, make sure employees understand not to install any software without permission.

Backup All Data

Make a determination of the minimum period of time between backups that would have devastating effects if your IT infrastructure went down due to a cyber-attack or equipment failure. Then schedule backups as often as needed to ensure that your business would recover if hackers succeeded in getting past network security to infiltrate your system. Data, documents, and information should be included in the backups. Managed networks provide backup and data recovery services.


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