Why You Should Be in the Cloud

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Cloud technology is still relatively new, and many small business owners are hesitant to migrate to an off-site location for data storage. Meanwhile, growth in the industry has been substantial as the benefits of the cloud are numerous. Small businesses, in particular, stand to get valuable advantages from the cloud. Learn more below.

Increased On-Site IT Efficiency

Small IT departments typically have their hands too full with all that’s needed. Because cloud service providers take over costs associated with maintenance and take actions reducing downtime, the IT staff can handle other things. More efficient use of IT staff can contribute to increased productivity and cost savings throughout the organization.

More Reliable Connectivity 

With on-site IT management, there is limited connectivity to company data. With the cloud, on the other hand, employees can access data and work at any time from anyplace with an Internet connection. This also helps to improve productivity.

Lower Hardware Costs

Before the cloud, specific hardware often had to be purchased in order to utilize certain programs. With the cloud, less dedicated hardware has to be purchased because employees can use their personal tablet, laptop, or smartphone to access applications on the cloud. 

Increased Productivity

The average SMB that is not on the cloud often faces downtime due to IT issues that arise. Cloud users, on the other hand, have increased productivity because IT issues are typically addressed quickly as part of the cloud provider’s services.


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