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Biggest Challenges of Cloud Computing

The importance of cloud computing is realized from profitable businesses to government organizations. It makes work efficient and low-cost. But, there are still challenges of cloud computing that still need attention.

Cloud computing is a relatively new industry. The birth of the cloud computing market only made a large impact back in 2002. That year, the Amazon Web Services emerged.
So, we still face some challenges of cloud computing. There are no easy solutions for these problems.

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It would probably take time for them to be finally solved. But it is still important for you to be aware of these challenges of cloud computing.

Security Issues as Challenges of Cloud Computing

Security issues are still a major issue in the Information Technology industry. Security issues are challenges of cloud computing market as well. They are threats to businesses as they eclipse the importance of cloud computing.

Challenges of Cloud Computing

Since they are still a major issue, it is important for you to be aware of these challenges of cloud computing.

1. Malware attacks are major threats to the importance of cloud computing. According to Armor, cloud customers were affected by 681 million cyber attacks in 2018. But, cloud computing still has better security than on-premise platforms.

According to a 2012 report from Alert Logic, cloud users only suffer an average of 27.8 cyber attacks. On-premise users, though, suffer an average of 61.4 attacks.

Cloud platform users suffer way less attacks than their on-premise counterparts. But, the point is cyber and malware attacks still affect users. Thus, these attacks are still major challenges of cloud computing.

2. Data privacy may be at risk in cloud computing. This is true especially when you share data in public cloud platforms. Avoid sharing sensitive data in public clouds. These sensitive data may include your bank account details or confidential company documents.

This may not be one of the major challenges of cloud computing. This is because cloud accounts are usually protected with powerful passwords. But, human negligence may still trigger a data leakage. Both service providers must have appropriate security measures to protect their data.

Security protocols that you could practice is by requiring employees to type passwords. This must be required every time they need to gain access to data stored in the cloud.

3. Passwords may fail in cloud computing. Passwords are strong enough protection for your sensitive data from cyber threats. But, maintaining the strength of the password is one of the challenges of cloud computing. This challenge is for service providers and users alike.

Some make the mistake of letting a large number of people know their passwords. But, the more people know about it, the less secure it will be. So, try to maintain who you trust your password to as few as possible.

Service Providers as Challenges of Cloud Computing

Challenges of cloud computing do not just fall on security issues. Some service providers may be the issues themselves.

1. Some service providers may not be reliable. Unreliable service providers are also challenges of cloud computing.

Most cloud service providers are professionals. So, you could rely on them on everything about cloud. You could trust them even with your sensitive data. But, there are service providers that give less than what users had paid for. So, you should caution yourself from this kind of service providers.

Make sure that your service provider is there when you need them. So, if anything goes wrong, any further damage can be prevented.

2. Vendor lock-in is also one of the challenges of cloud computing. This may be one of the challenges of cloud computing that relates to service providers.

Cloud service providers may use different kinds of software. They may use different kinds of protocols and operating systems.

Two different cloud service platforms could be compared to mobile operating systems. One operating system is the Android, while the other one is iOS.

Transferring data from Android to iOS or vice versa can be difficult. This can also happen when transferring data across platforms from different service providers.

So, transferring your data from one service provider’s platform to another can be complicated. That is why entering a cloud service agreement can be way easier than leaving it.

Downtime as One of the Challenges of Cloud Computing

Some challenges of cloud computing are not on the platform or service provider. One challenge of cloud computing is the Internet itself.

Downtime is also an issue of cloud computing. Cloud computing relies on internet connection to bridge the user and service provider. So, if the Internet is not available, then cloud services will not be as well.

A weak internet connection might affect business operations, since cloud relies on it. So, make sure to secure your internet connection too when you avail cloud services.

Still, the overall benefits of cloud computing outweighs these challenges discussed here. These challenges of cloud computing are minor compared to its benefits to businesses.

According to Gartner, the market will grow from $182.4 billion in 2018 to $214.3 billion in 2019. People are well aware of the benefits of cloud computing. And this is evident on the rapid growth of the cloud computing market today.

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