What Cloud Based Computing Can Do For Businesses

According to Forbes, 77% of companies have at least a portion of their IT infrastructure in the cloud. Forbes also adds that 83% of workloads will be cloud-based computing by 2020. This means that cloud-based computing is now the norm, rather than the exception. Cloud-based computing is an adaptable platform. It is malleable enough to change shape and take tasks it previously did not hold. It is still in development and more tasks will be filled by cloud-based technologies in the future.

What are these companies using cloud-based computing for? Here are some of the cloud-based technologies used by companies:

Cloud Based Computing as Storage

Cloud Based Computing

One of the most popular uses of cloud-based computing is storage. Cloud storage is getting a surge of popularity among the common people.

This is because storage platforms are widely available and some are even free.

Such cloud storage platforms are popular service for public cloud. One such example of a cloud storage platforms is Google Drive. These platforms are shared by multiple clients, thus the name public cloud.

Companies also use cloud-based computing as storage, but with extra security. Some companies use a private or hybrid cloud to store their data. Such types of clouds offer extra security for sensitive data.

Cloud Based Computing as Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is one of the main service models of cloud based computing. In IaaS, computing resources are offered through the Internet. The cloud service provider hosts virtualized Infrastructure to offer it through the Internet.

On-premise infrastructure can be costly for some companies. This is because they have to shoulder the maintenance and upgrades. But, cloud infrastructure offers third-party maintenance and upgrades.

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This means that the service provider will be the one to bother about the Infrastructure. In this setup, the client only pays for what he or she uses. This allows companies to spend less on infrastructure. For this reason, IaaS is getting popular among companies.

Cloud Based Computing as App Development Tool

Among app developing companies, Platform as a Service or PaaS is a popular service model. In this model, cloud based computing solutions for app development are offered through the Internet. If you have operations related to app development, PaaS is the model for you.

PaaS cuts down a business’s need to install and run app developing tools in its premises. Thus, the business does not have to shoulder the maintenance and upgrades of the tools.

A third-party provider hosts it and offers it through the Internet. Thus, maintenance and upgrades are shouldered by the provider.

Cloud Based Computing as Backup Storage

Backup storage is also a popular cloud based computing use among businesses. The robust security of cloud storage makes it an ideal platform for backup.

The scalability also made it a good data backup platform among businesses. An enterprise’s data could be overwhelmingly huge. Storage hardware have physical limitations that cannot be upsized instantly.

But, cloud storage could be easily upsized or downsized as needed. This makes it an ideal platform to store large amounts of data.

Besides, cloud-based computing backup also offers a physical barrier between the source and the backup storage. This makes an ideal setup for a backup. So, when the source storage gets destroyed or damaged, the storage is safe as it is in the cloud.

Cloud Based Computing as Email Platform

Very few people might be aware of this fact, but most email platforms today also use cloud based computing.

Cloud based computing is also found in email platforms. Businesses can receive an overwhelming number of emails per day. On-premise storage hardware have limitations and can be insufficient to hold huge data.

Some businesses need to archive emails for documentation. So, they cannot simply delete excessive amounts of emails.

But, cloud based computing offers scalable solutions to hold these emails. For this reason, cloud based computing is used in virtually all email platforms today.

Cloud Based Computing as Social Media Platform

Virtually any service that is offered through the Internet uses cloud based computing. So, even social media platforms are using cloud based computing to operate.

Social media platforms generate an astonishing amount of data. For instance, Twitter generates 500 million tweets per day and 200 billion tweets per year. Just imagine if an average on-premise hardware were to hold such an amount. It would almost instantly crash.

But, cloud based computing allows a flexible storage. So, social media platforms could hold data as large as 500 million tweets per day.

For this reason, social media is also a useful platform for businesses. This is true especially for those with an extensive marketing campaign.

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