What is a Cloud Computer System?

On-premise computer systems could be rigid. For this reason, upgrades done on on-premise systems could take a slow pace or impossible. A cloud computer system, on the other hand, is scalable. This scalability allowed such a system to adapt well to changes and conditions.This scalability gave rise to industry-specific solutions for businesses. It also allowed system adjustments to suit businesses of any size.

A cloud computer system is undefinable as there have been various types of platforms. This diversity of the cloud computer system is also owed to the scalable nature of the cloud. But these cloud computing services share one thing in common: they all use the cloud.

Cloud Computer System

Here are some of the various cloud computing services that cloud scalability made possible: 

Cloud Computer System as Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a popular cloud computer system. The scalable nature of cloud computing made it an ideal backbone for a storage platform.

On-premise storage has limitations imposed by the hardware that contains it. Thus, on-premise storage is always expected to exhaust its space eventually.

But, cloud storage is flexible and it could easily be scaled up. This is so it could accommodate large quantities of data that would accumulate over time.

Even if there is no upscaling, free cloud storage platforms with large capacities are widely available. There are even free or cheap platforms that could accommodate data as large as 15 gigabytes. 

Cloud Computer System as a Social Media Platform

A cloud computer system could also be applied to create a social media platform. The scalable properties of a cloud computer system made social media platforms possible.

The largest social media platforms today hosts millions and billions of users. Facebook and Twitter are just some of these big social media platforms today. Users of these platforms generate incredibly huge amounts of data every minute.

Thus, flexibility is a necessary trait of systems to hold these platforms. The scalable properties of a cloud computer system offer this. So, cloud computing is used in social media systems. 

Cloud Computer System as Backup and Recovery

A cloud computer system also takes the form of a backup and recovery platform. Some cloud storage platforms are popularly used by people as backup storage. This is because cloud storage is accessed online and, so, provides data security.

But, cloud service providers also had developed platforms tailored for backup and recovery. These solutions are much more extensive than cloud storage platforms purposed as a backup. 

Cloud Computer System as Email Platforms

An email is also an application of a cloud computer system. Email changed the way people send and receive emails. It is much more efficient than snail mail.

For this reason, emails also allowed people and businesses to send huge amounts of emails. Over 260 billion emails are sent every day all over the world. Meanwhile, there are only around 3.7 billion email users globally.

To accommodate such a huge amount of data, email platforms need flexible systems. The scalable nature of cloud computing provides such solutions. For this reason, almost every email platform utilizes the cloud in its system. 

Cloud Computer System as Communication Tools

Online communication tools are also known to integrate with the cloud computer system. These online communication tools hold millions of message bubbles from users per day.

And, these message bubbles may vary in size. Some larger bubbles usually contain pictures and videos, contributing large amounts of data. Just imagine how communication tools hold such a huge amount of data.

To hold such an amount, communication tools utilize a cloud computer system. They take advantage of the scalable nature of the cloud computer system. 

Cloud Computer System as Productivity Apps

A productivity tool offered through the Internet is also used as a cloud computer system. Online productivity tools give advantages that installed productivity apps do not have.

Firstly, online productivity tools take up less space on your computer. Installed apps, on the other hand, would take up space. Another advantage of the online tool is that it cuts down the need to install the app on your computer. Saving documents with online productivity tools would also make these files more accessible to you.

Who would imagine that a cloud computer system is just one form an adaptable platform? The developing world needed the flexibility to cope with almost instant changes. Cloud computing caught up to this need with its scalable nature.

Cloud computing has now dominated solutions in multiple fields. Cloud-based solutions are now found in academic and government computing resources. Businesses also benefit from this too. A lot of large businesses today had grown significantly. And, they owe some part of their growth to cloud computing.

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