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Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing is one of the most trending IT services within the past few years. One report says that at least 40% of the workload from an average enterprise is relying on the cloud. The various cloud computing benefits are showing. And it is proven by its popularity among businesses.

To name a few, here are 5 benefits of cloud computing that your business could be enjoying right now.

Cloud Computing Benefits 1: Flexibility

Flexibility is standing out as one of the main cloud computing benefits. Some businesses admire cloud computing for its very adaptable nature.

One of the notable cloud computing benefits is that it is easily adjusted to your specific needs. Thus, it is easy to scale up or down to fit your needs. If you demand a higher capacity, you can do it without investing in infrastructure. The same goes when you demand to scale down. You just have to ask your service provider to do so without any hassle.

You need more storage to store your data? You simply need to contact your service provider to add more storage capacity. This is done without having to build expensive physical infrastructure.

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This scalability in cloud computing has been described as one of its greatest assets. The cloud could be adjusted without needing your own company to adjust itself. It could meet your demand in no time.

Cloud Computing Benefits 2: Security

Strong security is also one of the cloud computing benefits admired today.

Cloud computing is essentially dependent on the internet. We all know that the internet is a whole sea of cyber threats. Anything that passes through the internet is vulnerable.

Yet, it has been shown that cloud users are less attacked. A 2012 report found out that cloud users are only attacked 27.8 times on average. But, on-premise environment users are attacked 61.4 times on average. And this report was made a few years ago. And a lot has improved about cloud security since then.

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud is dependent on the internet yet it is less vulnerable to attacks. This already says much about how secure cloud computing is. Strong security is when your data could travel the internet without getting stolen. This is one of the advantages of cloud computing.

Just imagine how many threats are lurking in the vast sea of information. Yet, your data still passes through the internet safely.

Cloud Computing Benefits 3: Accessibility

Accessibility is also on the list of advantages of cloud computing. Cloud uses the internet rather than physical infrastructure.

Cloud computing benefits you by making data accessible to you. Through the cloud, you could even access data with just your smartphone! And you could always do this even when you are miles away from your office.

This feature of cloud computing benefits employees who work from home or on a business trip. This also allows your employees to respond to any problem immediately. This is because they could easily access files through the internet.

You could also save time and money in this feature of the advantages of cloud computing. Employees don’t have to be physically present in the workplace just to respond to work. Thus, it saves them and yourself some time and money. Efficient working experience is also guaranteed by cloud computing benefits.

Cloud Computing Benefits 4: Maintenance

One of the cloud computing benefits you could also enjoy is low maintenance. Well, it needs regular maintenance too. But you don’t have to bother yourself with it. Your cloud service provider will do it for you.

With cloud computing, you own only a few infrastructures. So, there will be less worry for you on IT matters. Thus, you could focus on yourself and your company more on actual business.

You could also save yourself time and energy from software maintenance. Since you don’t own the hardware, you do not have broken wires to worry about.

Another feature of cloud computing benefits is you’re saving a lot of money. Not only that you don’t have to maintain or invest in any software or hardware. You also don’t have to bother paying a whole IT department.

Cloud Computing Benefits 5: Strategic Edge

Cloud computing has a lot of benefits. This means you could also brag a strategic edge over your competitions.

For example, cloud computing is a flexible and scalable platform. It could easily adapt to your business’s changing needs. You started to grow and you demand more capacity. This could easily be filled with cloud computing.

Just imagine if you’re an on-premise environment user and you have to increase capacity. It will be a hassle experience for you since you have to invest in more hardware or software. But with cloud computing, all you had to do is ask your service provider about it.

Your on-premise environment competitors are also less flexible in accessing their own data. Compared to cloud users, they are less efficient.

With the cloud, you could easily access your data with any Internet-ready device. Thus, you don’t have to worry about coming to the office just to connect on the network.

We’ve only mentioned 5 benefits of cloud computing. You could find out more advantages of cloud computing by experiencing it yourself.

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