Cloud Computing Cost

Cloud computing is not inexpensive. Platforms of cloud computing cost high especially when you avail it from the largest service providers. But, once you experience the quality of service and benefits it gives to your business, you would realize where the price is coming from.

Besides, cloud computing cost would be relatively lower when compared with the price of availing and maintaining on-premise environments. But, does cloud computing cost benefits pay off? Here are some resources that would make you realize how fair is a cloud computing cost compared to that of an on-premise environment.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Cost

Cloud computing cost

Upgrades and Maintenance

loud computing cost benefits can be evident within the kind of infrastructure it offers to businesses. Infrastructure in on-premise environments can be a huge burden for a business, especially with small enterprises.

Maintenance and upgrades of on-premise components are left on the shoulders of the businesses which utilize them. Thus, it takes a portion of the business’s time, effort, and resources that should have been spent with an actual business.

But in cloud computing, you could cut the nuances and focus yourself with doing what your business is meant to do. It takes the burden out of your shoulders and to the third-party service provider. So, platforms of cloud computing cost less for you in the long run, while still getting the quality service that your business needs.

Furthermore, you would not have to invest much in hardware since the services you get comes down the cloud. In comparison, cloud computing cost is less than availing and maintaining hardware. The hardware is no longer your burden, but the service provider’s business.

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On-premise programs are often rigid. They usually come in packages. For this reason, when you only need a certain service within it, you will still have to pay for the whole package. The excess programs are usually left unused until it expires and becomes obsolete.

Such instances force businesses to pay more than what they have to. They do not have to pay more just to get quality service as cloud computing cost proves. In cloud computing, service providers are willing to make adjustments within their programs to suit your concerns and conditions. If you will only need to use a certain service, you will only have to pay for that specific program.

Platforms of cloud computing allow such a setup because of its apparent scalability. Cloud platforms could upscale or downscale services to allow businesses to efficiently use resources. Scalability is also one of the reasons why cloud computing cost is low while having the ability to offer industry-specific solutions for all businesses big and small.

IT Departments
Compared to IT departments, cloud computing cost is in stark contrast as the latter costs less than the former.

IT departments in some businesses can be out of place. Their actual work can be significantly different from the enterprise’s actual business operations. Not only that, but they could also take up a huge portion of a business’s resources. IT personnel had to be paid and an IT manager had to be paid more.

Besides, opening your own IT department also means that you had to pay for all the computing equipment. You had to pay for both the hardware and the software components, which are not cheap.

But in cloud computing, all of this cumbersome stuff would be all the expense of the third-party service provider, and it all comes down to you at a lower price. That is why cloud computing cost is less than having to build and maintain an IT department.

One of the best things about storage in the cloud is the cost. Cloud computing cost of storage is much less than on-premise or hardware-based storage.

On-premise or hardware-based storage can be costly in the long run. Such storage is limited by the physical constraints of the hardware that contains it. You will be constantly worrying about the storage space being fully used up. Once it gets full, you will have to buy another hardware to contain additional storage for all future data that your business will be generating.

On the other hand, the cloud computing cost of storage is much less because of the platform’s scalable nature. When you ran out of space in your public cloud, you only had to request more space from your service provider. After that, you will have additional space in your cloud which costs less than buying extra hardware.

Scalability is also the reason why the cloud computing cost of backup and recovery is less than in on-premise environments.

Thus, if you want services that cost less and incorruptible quality, in the long run, cloud computing is for you. ThinkIT offers top-tier cloud computing solutions for businesses in different sizes and industries. Contact us at +1 (504) 455-5552. You may also send us an email at

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