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Cloud Computing Disadvantages

Cloud computing has given businesses so much advantages that will be discussed below. But, we should also admit that there are cloud computing disadvantages as well.

The growth rate of the cloud computing market is incredibly fast and large. Markets and Markets estimated that the cloud computing market went $272.0 billion in 2018. And they expect it to grow to $623.3 billion by 2023.

This growth of the cloud computing industry says that a lot of businesses are going cloud. They are investing huge amounts of their resources to cloud computing.

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 This could be a sign that cloud computing disadvantages are minor enough to be ignored. Still, one should be aware of these cloud computing disadvantages.

Before Going to Cloud Computing Disadvantages, Here Are the Advantages

We will eventually dwell into the cloud computing disadvantages. But, first, let us have a quick run through the cloud computing advantages.

Cloud Computing Disadvantages

1. Cloud computing is cost-efficient. Cloud computing cuts down the need to invest on infrastructure. This is because the infrastructure is now the business of the cloud service provider.

Cloud computing also cuts down the need for an IT department within your own business. You no longer have to worry about paying IT personnel.

You could also now focus more on your actual business. This is because all IT operations are taken care of by the service provider.

2. Cloud computing is flexible. This is another advantage that would outweigh the cloud computing disadvantages.

Flexibility is one of the key features that define how does cloud computing work. Cloud platforms could be easily adjusted depending on the size of your company. They could even be adjusted depending on what type of industry your business is in.

3. Cloud computing allows easy access to data. Another advantage that beats the cloud computing disadvantages is accessibility. Data in cloud computing is transmitted through the Internet. So, you could access this data through the Internet as well.

Since the internet is used to access data on the cloud, you could open it in any device that you want. You can access it through desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

4. Cloud computing helps recover lost data. Cloud storage is also another advantage that eclipses the cloud computing disadvantages. Backup is a well-known idea of how does cloud computing work for most people.

Google Drive is a well-known cloud storage platform often used by people to backup files.

After this quick run through the advantages, here are the cloud computing disadvantages:

Cloud Computing Disadvantages 1: Internet Connection Dependency
One of the cloud computing disadvantages is its dependency on the Internet. The performance of your cloud services partly depends on your Internet connection.

If your Internet connection is slow, this might affect your operations. Also, if the Internet is down, your system might get unavailable for use. This is clearly one of the cloud computing disadvantages.

Likewise, if your Internet connection is good, so is your system’s performance.

So, make sure to find an Internet service provider that gives good connection. This is so that your cloud-based operations will get fast as well.

Cloud Computing Disadvantages 2: Third-party Handling of Data
Another member of cloud computing disadvantages is third-party handling of data. Once you store your data in the cloud platform, it is now at the hands of the service provider.

This could be a concern for people who store sensitive information in cloud storage. People may store bank account details, personal information, and confidential information in cloud.

People who store such information in a cloud storage can be worried about their data. And since it is now stored in a cloud storage, it is no longer within their hands.

The data is now on the hands of the third-party service provider. This is perceived by some as one of the cloud computing disadvantages.

Cloud Computing Disadvantages 3: Security

Other perceive cloud computing disadvantages include security issues in cloud computing.

One of the security issues in the cloud is data leakage. Passwords for cloud platforms are guaranteed secured. But, your employees might need access to the data stored in the cloud. So, you may need to share these passwords to your trusted employees.

The more people access the cloud, the more the data is vulnerable to leakage. In fact, 14% of data loss is caused by human error. Hard drive crashes and system failure account for 67% of data loss. Only 10% of data loss is caused by software failure.

Find a service provider that has the best protocols on data leakage. This is because data leakage are expensive. In fact, 70% of small firms go out of business just a year after a major data leakage incident.

As what have been illustrated, advantages clearly outweigh the cloud computing disadvantages. But these cloud computing disadvantages are still worth discussing. This is so that you would be aware of the platform that will help your business in its growth.

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