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Concerns in Finding a Cloud Computing Providers List

Cloud computing is a large industry and cloud services are not identical. So, entities included in a cloud computing providers list may vary in level or kind of services.

Gartner forecasts that 90% of organizations will use cloud computing by 2022. But, different organizations use cloud computing in different ways. This is because organizations have interests that are unique to them.

Your business may share the same goal with another entity. This is true especially when other businesses work in the same industry as yours.

But, your business has its own unique needs and challenges. So, you should also consider some factors in looking for a cloud computing providers list.

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Cloud Computing Providers List Based on Service Model

The service model is a factor in finding a cloud computing providers list. These service models outline the different cloud computing services that you could avail. You should consider how your business works and what service model it should avail.

Cloud computing providers list

Not all companies offer all the major service models. There are companies that focuses on one of them. Meanwhile some may offer two of the service models. While, there are also some that offer all.

The main cloud service models are SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. It is important to get yourself familiarized with these service models. This is because knowing them will help you sort out a cloud computing providers list.

  1. SaaS Cloud Computing Providers List. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. In this model, service providers make applications available on the Internet. Users will then access them online.
    SaaS has one of the most developed industries among service models. You yourself might be using one on a daily basis.
    Google Apps and MailChimp are just some of the examples of Software as a Service platforms. You might find them yourself in a SaaS cloud computing providers list.
  2. PaaS Cloud Computing Providers List. PaaS stands for Platform as a Service. In PaaS, service provider will provide users with software tools over the Internet. This eliminates the need to install such tools.If your business is into application development, PaaS is the model for you. You may find a PaaS cloud computing providers list for your business.
    Some of the well-known PaaS platforms are Windows Azure and Google App Engine. You might find these platforms in a PaaS cloud computing providers list.
  3. IaaS

Cloud Computing Providers List. If you are looking for a cost-efficient and flexible infrastructure, IaaS is the model for you.

IaaS is the abbreviation of Infrastructure as a Service. In this model, infrastructure is virtualized. Included in the virtualized infrastructure are servers, data center space, storage, and network.

Infrastructure in IaaS is more efficient and flexible than on-premise environments. This is because virtualized components of it are much easier to update.

If you are person of efficiency and flexibility, your business needs a IaaS platform. You find a IaaS cloud computing providers list.

Cloud Computing Providers List Based on Reputation

Aadhar is one of the world’s largest biometric ID system. As of July 2018, it has 1.234 billion holders.

In 2018, though, Aadhar had been involved in one of the largest data breaches in history. It exposed private information of 1.1 billion people. The breached exposed their ID numbers and even bank account information.

There are precautions you should do in browsing a cloud computing providers list. You might want to distant from providers that have histories of data breaches.

So, it is important for you to consider reputation in looking at a cloud computing providers list.

  1. Cloud Computing Providers List Based on Security. You do not want your business to be named one of the largest breaches in history. So, look for a cloud computing providers list that focuses on security.

You should notice the names in the cloud computing providers list. You may check out the security protocols of these providers.

If you have sensitive information to store, you might want to avail private cloud than public. Private cloud platforms guarantee a more secured connection than public cloud. So, look for a cloud computing providers list for private cloud computing services.

  1. Cloud Computing Providers List Based on Cost. You business might only have a small budget for IT, yet want to avail cloud computing services. You should then look for a cloud computing providers list of providers that charge less.

You should also keep in mind that low-cost does not mean less quality. Services providers must keep their quality up despite the business’s low budget.

The cloud services that you will avail will make a huge impact on your business’s growth. So, make sure that you will avail the right cloud computing service for your business.

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