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Cloud Computing Security

The cloud has taken business computing to a whole new level. What is only available to big enterprises is now available to small and medium-sized businesses via cloud-hosted IT services. In a lot of ways, it is even better than on-premise systems of big corporations because cloud services can be accessed from anywhere, and is easily scalable based on the growth requirements of the business.

However, like any other things in the field of information technology, the cloud also presents a different set of security problems that makes it prone to cyber attacks. This includes the lack of physical control over the cloud network and infrastructure, the fact that data transmission passes through the public Internet, and that it can still be prone to user negligence or abuse.

Any Business Can Be A Target of Cyberattack and Data Breach

A lot of smaller businesses never think of themselves as a worthy target of a cyber attack. They will tell themselves that they are pretty small and they do not have anything big enough to be targeted by hackers.They would even go as far as to say that only big enterprises and corporations are targeted by these unscrupulous third parties. After all, big companies are the ones with the most money, most resources, and the most valuable information that can be worth anything.
They couldn’t be more wrong. While big corporations may have big money and the most valuable information, they also employ the best network and infrastructure security as well, which makes it doubly harder for hackers to penetrate their systems.

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Cloud Computing Security

Smaller businesses, on the other hand, may not have the most valuable data, but these are useful none the less. And compared to big companies, they are not as protected, making them easier and more convenient targets. That is why regardless of business size, it is worthwhile to invest in network and infrastructure security

Securing Your IT Assets with Your Trusted Managed Service Provider

As a small business, you do not have the resources to secure your IT assets the same way big corporations protect their own network and infrastructure.

Fortunately, by going the cloud route, you are actually already on your way to protecting your network and infrastructure from outside threats.

That is because cloud IT solution providers are in the business of handling sensitive and important IT assets for multiple companies. Cloud security comes with the territory because if their client’s cloud-hosted network and data are breached, then it can mean irreparable damage to their reputation.

That is why your MSP, who is also your cloud-hosted solutions provider, implements a multi-layer security strategy that includes different high-level security measures like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular audits of their data centers.

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Terms of Security

Because of the high-level security measures that MSPs implement, companies that are adopting cloud computing for their IT needs are getting several benefits in terms of security that they would not have enjoyed if they are still on on-premise systems that they manage on their own.

This includes:

No. 1: Protection Against DDoS Attacks

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service targets machines or networks to make them unavailable to users. This can disrupt production and can put the whole business operations to a screeching halt. Fortunately, cloud computing providers are focused on restricting traffic towards the cloud server to protect not only your network but their whole data center.

No. 2: Protection against Data Beach   

The main target of hackers is usually sensitive information that can be used against the business. If it falls in the wrong hands, it can have a critical effect on the business. Cloud-hosted solutions, however, have several high-level security measures to protect data when they are stored in the servers or when they are in transmission.

 No. 1: Regulatory Compliance  

If you are operating in an industry that is highly regulated, you know that keeping your company in compliance can get highly complicated. These regulations and standards are usually about safety dn security features about protecting sensitive data including customer information. Fortunately, your MSP that is handling your cloud-hosted network and servers are familiar with these regulations and have solutions that can help your business kept in compliance consistently.

Secure Cloud Computing Services from thinkIT Solution

thinkIT Solution provides businesses with a reliable and secure set of cloud computing services that includes cloud storage, network and infrastructure, and data backup and recovery.

We ensure that your move to the cloud includes protection from common threats like data breach, data loss, data manipulation, system corruption, and more.

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