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Cloud-hosted Solution

No more settling for less than ideal setups because of budget constraints. With a reliable cloud hosting solution, you can get enterprise-level IT services without the need to spend on expensive hardware and equipment.

By migrating to the cloud, you are freeing your business from unreliable and inadequate on-premise networks that cannot meet the demands of your operations.

Cloud-hosted Solution Vs. On-Premise Systems

No. 1: Cost

The biggest hurdle for small businesses to get an advanced on-premise IT system is that setting it up would require large capital investment. The business will have to shoulder the burden of procuring expensive equipment and hardware, as well as the duty to install and implement it. Small businesses just do not have the resources to do that. They will be hemorrhaging money even before they are able to use their IT system.

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Cloud Hosted Solution

The cloud-hosted solution solves that problem. Instead of building their own IT system, small and medium-scale businesses instead subscribe to a third-party managed service provider (MSP). These providers have their own state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and data centers that organizations can subscribe to. Instead of buying and setting up their own expensive IT network, businesses are essentially renting an enterprise-level IT network that they just use as needed. Once they think they have better options, the business can simply unsubscribe to the service and move on. No getting stuck with expensive hardware that is deteriorating in value.

No. 2: Scalability
Another limitation of on-premise systems is that it does not grow as your business grows. If its current iterations are only enough to serve the current status of your business, you will have to spend a lot more to expand it when you have more users on board. This means more servers and extra installation of new cables.

Then there is the expansion to new locations. Your business will have to build a new IT infrastructure to support the computing needs of the new business locations, which means more spending.

The cloud, however, is the exact opposite. The cloud-hosted solution easily scales up or down based on your business computing needs. Need to add more users to the system? Done. Need more storage? Done. Need to expand to a new location? Done. You can actually unite multiple business locations under one IT network. No need for separate IT systems.

No. 3: Mobility
The problem with on-premise systems is that it is only an on-premise system. This means that it can only support users who are within its covered premises. People who work outside the office or those who work remotely from home or other place is totally disconnected from the company’s IT network.

With a cloud-hosted solution, company employees can stay connected to the company IT Network from anywhere as long as they have a computer or mobile device that can connect to the Internet. This allows organizations to hire remote employees and have a distributed workforce that is not limited to the confines of the office.

No. 4: Implementation and maintenance
As said above, with on-premise systems, businesses have to purchase and set up the network. If your current IT staff is not up to par, you will have to hire special manpower to do it for your organization. Same goes for maintaining the network. Either your IT staff spends significant on this or you spend more on a separate set of special manpower to do the maintenance of the system. Either way, it is not good for your business.

With a cloud-hosted solution, however, all the implementation and maintenance can be done by your trusted MSP. You get 24/7 monitoring done by expert IT specialists whose main concern is to keep your network running. If there is a problem, they can be called anytime 24/7 for technical assistance. In addition, any upgrades and updates on the network will also be handled by your MSP, which will also be rolled out to all users at the same time.

Moving to the Cloud with thinkIT Solutions

The cloud is no longer just an alternative to on-premise systems, it is now the better choice especially if you are a small or medium-sized business.

It you want to stay competitive in any industry without spending too much on IT resources, thinkIT Solutions can help you out.

thinkIT sSolutions is a full-service managed IT service provider specializing in cloud-hosted computing needs of businesses including IT network, storage, and app and software hosting.

For expert cloud solutions, contact us now at  (504) 608-1132!

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