Cloud Server for Enterprise – Cloud Solutions for Business of all Sizes

There is a wrong impression going around regarding the cloud. Some people think that the cloud is merely an alternative for small businesses that cannot afford to build their own IT infrastructure.

It is difficult not to blame them. After all, small and medium scale businesses have been using the cloud to level the playing field against bigger competition.

However, cloud-based services are not only for small businesses but for businesses of all sizes. Including big corporations.

In fact, the adaption of cloud server for enterprise-level businesses have been increasing in the last few years.

Cloud Server for Enterprise – The Cloud for Small Businesses vs Big Corporations

Whether your business has a small operation or a nationwide scope, the cloud is a great option for IT infrastructure and other IT computing needs.

The only difference is how businesses use the cloud for their organizational needs.

Cloud Server for Enterprise

Small businesses may entrust most if not all their IT needs to a managed service provider because they lack the resources and manpower to build, maintain, and manage their own.

That is why they take advantage of the fact that they can get expert IT infrastructure and expert IT help by going to the cloud.

Bigger businesses, on the other hand, can hire the best IT people for their organization. When they go to the cloud, they usually prefer to have full control over their cloud servers., which is perfectly understandable when you are running a multi-national company.

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Cloud Server for Enterprise – Benefits of the Cloud

While savings is a great benefit, it is not really the main reason why big corporations are starting to shift to the cloud.

They are after the other advantages that smaller businesses are able to gain over them by employing the cloud to meet their IT needs.

These include:
Cloud Server for Enterprise – Advantage No. 1: Scalability

Big businesses recognize the advantage of an IT infrastructure that scales up or down based on the needs of the business. A system that grows as the business grows and contracts when the business is struggling.

In addition, businesses had to build another IT infrastructure if they plan to open up another location. It means more capital investment upfront even before they are able to open the new office.

By going to the cloud, businesses are able to unite multiple locations under one account in the cloud.

Cloud Server for Enterprise – Advantage No. 2: Mobility

Big corporations use to employ on-premise systems. After all, it was the top of the line choice at the time. It was the system that smaller businesses are not able to afford and gave big businesses their big advantage.

However, by going to the cloud, smaller businesses gained an advantage that on-premise systems are not able to compete with. And that is mobility.

The cloud is accessible over the Internet, which meant that users are able to access it from virtually anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

This allowed businesses who use the cloud unparalleled mobility that gave them the option of exploring opportunities, talent, leads, and more that are outside the premises of the office.

Cloud Server for Enterprise – Advantage No. 3: Quick Deployment of Applications

Business applications are important to every organization. These are the specific software used in production and actual operations. You want quick deployment and installation.

Deployment via the cloud is almost instant. In fact, critical applications can be online and accessed by users immediately.

No need to install apps per computer or device.

Cloud Server for Enterprise – Advantage No. 3: Updates and Upgrades

A distinct disadvantage of building your own IT infrastructure is that all its physical hardware and equipment will deteriorate over time and fail. Before that happens, you have to replace them. This means more capital investment.

The cloud, however, is automatically upgraded and updated by the third-party provider, which removes the responsibility from the client.

The best part is that updates and upgrades to the servers and general infrastructure are rolled out to all clients at the same time. No need to wait your turn.

Cloud Server for Enterprise – Advantage No. 2: Adaptability to New and Future Tech

Since cloud servers are upgraded and updated regularly, you could say that it is future-enabled. It has the capacity to adapt to new IT trends because it has the server bandwidth to adapt to new technologies including big data and internet of things (IoT).

Cloud Server for Enterprise and Small Business from thinkIT Solutions

Whether you have a small or big business, thinkIT Solutions have the right cloud solution for your IT needs.

Get all the benefits of the cloud at affordable and flexible monthly payments.

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