Cloud Solutions for Enterprise and Businesses of All Types and Sizes

In the past, people look at the cloud as merely an alternative to enterprise level IT infrastructures and systems. It is merely something that smaller businesses go to because they cannot afford to build their own enterprise-level on-premise IT network to support their operations.

Cloud Solutions for Enterprise

In some sense, there is truth to that claim. The cloud did start being popular as a more affordable alternative to on-premise systems.

That is not the case anymore. Cloud solutions are for enterprise as much as it is for small and medium-scale businesses.

Why Cloud Solutions for Enterprise?

The main things that smaller organizations see are also what enterprises see in cloud solutions. Now that it is proven that the cloud is the future and is not going away anytime soon, enterprises are realizing that the benefits of going to the cloud just outweigh the benefits of staying on-premise.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions for Enterprises

Benefit 1 – IT Solutions that Grows as Your Business Grows

Enterprises are not new to expansion of operations. As their business grew, they also experienced the needed expansion of their on-premise infrastructure to accommodate the larger scope of business operations.

As a result, they are also familiar with the complexity of having to expand an on-premise network which involves more installations and more cabling. Not to mention the additional capital investment needed to purchase new servers and other needed expensive hardware.

With the cloud, however, businesses can have an enterprise-level infrastructure that can easily expand as the business grows.

Benefit 2 – Easy App Deployment

Enterprises use multiple applications and software for their day-to-day operations. Some are built internally, and some are from third-party providers

No matter the source, it still has to be accessed by users to be used.

In the past, IT teams had to install these software and applications to each computer individually.

Now, companies are able to host applications to a cloud server which can then be accessed or installed to an end-client via the internet.

This allows businesses to easily provide new users with the apps they need, which also makes onboarding of new employees as conveniently as well.

Benefit 3 – Removes the Need for Massive IT team

One of the main advantages of enterprises over small businesses is that they are able to hire expensive and expert IT teams to fill the knowledge gap needed for high-level IT solutions.

However, not because they can afford it, it means that they like paying for it. Going to a third-party cloud provider to fulfill high-level computing needs on a more flexible payment option, means more money freed up for other profit-generating campaigns and projects.

Benefit 4 – A Mobile Workforce

The thing that enterprises hate is when they pay more but they get less. But that is exactly what is happening for big corporations that are still on a purely on-premise setup.

This is because, for all the supposed advanced features of an enterprise-level on-premise system, there is a big limitation to this setup. That is, it only works within the premises.

So, while big corporations’ employees are stuck working in the office, smaller businesses that are on the cloud are enjoying the flexibility and mobility it brings their business.

They are even able to hire people who are not in the vicinity of their office because they can grant remote work setup simply because the IT solutions can be accessed from anywhere via the internet.

What Happens to the On-Premise Infrastructure

The main hindrance to enterprises shifting to the cloud is that they already have a working on-premise system that they cannot just get rid of.

Aside from the fact that they paid large capital investment to build it, a lot of their critical systems, applications, and data are hosted there. Suddenly migrating all of it to the cloud can lead to problems that can eventually lead to downtimes.

Fortunately, big corporations do not have to shift to the cloud in one go. They can have a hybrid setup where it is a combination of on-premise IT infrastructure with cloud components.

A trusted managed service provider can help you with that

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