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As a small business, you are working at a disadvantage against the bigger players in your industry. Their main edge over your company is that they have the resources to spend in building their own powerful IT infrastructure that can support multiple servers, that in turn hosts important data and essential business applications.

Your business just does not have the same budget to do the same. In addition, your staff is already stretched thin performing multiple functions. Taking on the monumental task of managing and monitoring an advanced IT infrastructure will be too much.

Fortunately, there are managed computer cloud solutions in New Orleans and other parts of the US from your trusted managed service provider.

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What is Managed Cloud Computing Services?

Managed cloud computing services refers to the process of outsourcing IT needs to a third-party provider for cloud-based services and technical support.

Computer Cloud New Orleans

Because your business does not have the resources and the technical skills to run your own IT infrastructure, your trusted managed service provider to manage cloud security, storage, network, business application, vendors and more.

What are the Advantages of Managed Cloud Computing Services

If you think that the only reason for moving to the cloud is just because you have no ability to build and manage your own infrastructure, you will be wrong.

There are actually a lot of advantages to going to the cloud that you will not get if you build and manage your own network. That includes:

Advantage No. 1: Flexible Monthly Payments

Instead of spending large capital investment to build your own IT infrastructure, you can instead subscribe to the service and pay monthly for top-notch IT services that may even be better than what you can build on your own.

The best part is that you only pay for the services that you use. If you feel that you are not happy and can find a better solution, you can simply unsubscribe and move on. You are not stuck with expensive hardware like servers that you cannot use anymore.

Advantage No. 2: Scalable IT Services

Another advantage of a managed cloud computing service is that it adjusts to the needs of your business. It grows as your business grows. If your business is successful in a few months and needs to add new employees, an in-house IT infrastructure will have difficulty adding new users especially if it will exceed the capacity of the current system. You would need to expand the system and that would mean more capital investment. Not to mention that if you need to expand to a new location means you have to build an entirely new IT infrastructure.

With the cloud, adding new users is very easy. If the current bandwidth does not cover new users, you can simply upgrade your subscription to increase it. In addition, you can use the same subscription when you expand to another location. No need to subscribe to a new one.

Advantage No. 3: Flexible and Mobile IT Solutions

The main limitation of in-house IT infrastructures is that its coverage is limited to the premises it covers. If the employee is outside the office, they lose access to the company network.

Since cloud-hosted IT services are delivered via the Internet, users do not need to be in the office to access it. They can be anywhere in the world and they can stay connected to the company network as long as they have an internet-connected laptop, PC, or mobile device.

Advantage No. 4: Secure and Reliable IT Infrastructure

Cloud-hosted solution providers are also known to employ the highest level of security measures to protect their cloud data servers and infrastructure from different forms of virtual and physical attacks.

They employ a multi-layered security approach combined with regular audit and monitoring for a very proactive approach to protecting their IT assets. After all, with multiple clients using their facilities, a security slip on their part will mean losing all their business.

Advantage No. 5: Vendor Management and Interfacing

Your managed service provider can also help you manage third-party vendors through a vendor management system.

Aside from that, when there is an issue with a third-party vendor, your managed service provider can contact them and look for a resolution in your behalf.

thinkIT Solutions – Managed Cloud Services for Your Business

thinkIT Solutions is a New Orleans-based IT services provider that aims to help smaller businesses compete with the giants of their industry through affordable but enterprise-level cloud computing services.

If you want to even the field against your competitors, contact thinkIT Solutions at (504) 608-1132!

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