Cyber and Network Security – Addressing Modern Threats Against the Modern Workplace

The internet has changed the modern workplace. Everyone and everything is interconnected over the internet. That comes with the good and the bad.

It is good in the sense that communication and collaboration are much easier now than it was before. You can instantly talk to anyone or share files with anyone from anywhere and on any internet-connected device. It makes it easier to work from anywhere because you do not need to be connected to the company network.

However, cyber and network security is more of an issue today more than ever. Malicious parties are finding more creative ways to hack into your network from the internet or from other vulnerabilities in your network.

No wonder more and more companies are investing more in security measured to combat these threats. If you are a small business with little to no resources to spare, how are you going to protect your business’ IT assets?

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What are the Most Common Cyber and Network Security Threats?

With a lot of your business tasks and activities automated and connected to the network and/or to the internet, you also have to be aware of the different kinds of threat you may encounter, including:

No.1 – Viruses
These are pieces of software that are designed to replicate and spread from one computer to another. Often sent as email attachments or downloaded from questionable websites, virus effects can vary from disabling your security settings to corrupting and deleting your data. It can even stead important data including customer personal information

Cyber and Network Security

No.2 – Trojan Horse

Like in the Greek Mythology story, a malicious code is hidden inside a seemingly harmless program, usually an email or false advertisement. Once you download or click on the seemingly harmless program, it will run and attack your computer. Known effects are recording your passwords and keystrokes, stealing or destroying important data, and even hijacking hardware like web cameras and scanners.

No.3 – Adware and Spyware

These are types of software are designed to monitor your browsing habits so that they can provide you with targeted ads and pop-ups. While running in the background, it can slow down your computer or device.

Spyware is basically the same but unlike adware, it does not ask permission and is installed in your computers without your knowledge. It can also include keyloggers that can record and steal personal information like email, passwords and even credit card and social security information.

No.4 – DOS and DDOS Attacks

Denial-of-Service attacks or DOS attacks refers to the malicious act of overloading websites with unofficial traffic. Because of the volume of this malicious traffics, the website gets flooded and are not able to serve its real visitors.

DDOS attacks or distributed denial-of-service attacks is its more forceful version where the attack is perpetuated from several machines at once.

No.5 – Phishing

Similar to a trojan horse, this is a form of attack that uses social engineering to get sensitive information from victims.

Usually disguised as a message or email that appear legitimate. It tricks you to click on a link, which will install malicious software to your machine.

In other forms, it is disguised as a form that looks legitimate, usually similar to what your bank sends you, which will ask you to do an urgent action that if not taken can lead to a consequence like the closure of your account. Victims will be asked to send their personal information not knowing that it is not a legitimate message or email from their bank.

No.6 – Rootkit

These are software tools that provide remote access to your computer or device. It can be used maliciously when it is hidden in seemingly important software or application then installs itself when you unwittingly give it permission to make changes to your OS. Attackers can then use it to gain access to your device.

thinkIT Solutions – Cyber and Network Security Solutions

These are just some of the most common cyber and network threats your business can face. As a small business with minimal resources to spare, it will be difficult for you to protect your IT assets.

Fortunately, you do not have to do it by yourself. With thinkIT Solutions, you get a robust, reliable, and enterprise-level cyber and network security solution.

From server and network monitoring, regular audits, and encryption of IP transmission lines, to high-level automated security response to different levels of cyber and network attack, you know your business is getting best-in-class service.

So, if you are interested in securing your network and IT assets for minimal cost, contact us now at (504) 608-1132!

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