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New Orleans Cyber Security Services

The world is interconnected via the Internet for good and for bad. For good because it makes communication and collaboration between people easier and more convenient even when they are in different locations.

The Internet is bringing people together even when they are worlds apart. Like anything else, in this world, however. The Internet also brings its threats and disadvantages. Cyber Security in New Orleans and many parts of the US has become a big deal because it has become a big business to get into other people’s businesses on the Internet.

This is especially true for businesses. Their network and infrastructure store and transmit important data like customer information. Successful cyberattacks can cost a business millions of dollars and can even lead to the closure of the company.

Making Infrastructure Security a Priority for Your Business

You may think that these things will never happen to your business. Your business is too small to be targeted by these unscrupulous hackers, they only target large enterprises because that is where the money is, or at the very least, that is where the most important information is. They will not bother with a small-time operation like yours. It will not be worth their time.

That is where you are wrong. You are correct that large enterprises and corporations are the ones with the big money and very important information that hackers can steal and sell for corporate espionage. However, these big companies are also the ones who have the resources to secure these important assets and keep them out of reach of these hackers.
Your business, on the other hand, does not have the same protection. And if you think you do not have data that can be exploited, you would be wrong. It could be your customers’ information, your employees’ information, or even bank accounts. You may think your business is not the type to be hacked, but it actually is.
Businesses who think they will not be targets are actually the perfect targets because they have little protection against cyber-attacks. It will be easy for hackers to just get in and get out with what they need.
That is why no matter the size of your business, cybersecurity should always be a priority.

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Protect Your Business Network and Infrastructure

Now that you know that you have to protect your business network and infrastructure, it is time to find out how.
As a small business you do not have the resources to employ high-level security measures in the scale of what big corporations do.
The thing is, you do not have to. Or at least, it does not have to only be you.
With your trusted managed service provider (MSP), you can tackle cyber security of your network and infrastructure together.

New Orleans Cyber Security Services

What Security Measures Can You Expect from Your Trusted MSP?

Solution No. 1: Security Assessment

Your trusted MSP should be able to assess the security status of your current network and infrastructure. They should be able to tell you where are its vulnerabilities and what actions should you take to address them. Ask about moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud and how secure it will be compared to having it purely in house.

Solution No. 2: Real-time Monitoring

Your trusted MSP should be proactive in preventing cyber attacks. That is why there should be 24/7 real-time monitoring of your network done by expert IT professionals. This should come with regular updates on the status of the network and notifications on possible threats.

Solution No. 3: Incident Response

Your trusted MSP should also have an automated response whenever a high-fidelity attack is detected as a proactive response to immediate threats. In addition, they should also have emergency response services for threats that bypass the initial cybersecurity measures.

Solution No. 4: Compliance

Another facet of cyber security that your MSP can help you with is compliance. In case your business is working on a directed industry which needs businesses to pass certain guidelines, your MSP should be able to take care of these and streamline the requirements for you.

Cyber Security Services in New Orleans by thinkIT Solutions

ThinkIT Solutions will analyze and implement strong and reliable security measures for your network and infrastructure based on your risk tolerance, compliance requirements, and your overall business goals.
We implement a multi-layered approach that protects your business from threats like data breach, data loss and destruction, data manipulation, and more.

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