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Data Backup and Recovery – The Most Important Part of Your IT System

No offense to those who think that the business software and applications, or the network itself is the most important part of your whole company IT system, but all businesses should treat their data and backup recovery system as its most essential IT system component.

While everything else is indeed important, the loss or damage of data is the one that can have the most catastrophic effect on your business.

Think about it. Business software and applications when corrupted can be removed and re-installed. Damage to the network can be fixed. All these will cost money, but there is a clear way to solve the problem.

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Lost important data without backup, however, that is a different level of problem altogether. There is no clear way to replace lost or damaged data immediately. It can have catastrophic effects to your business.

Possible Effects of Lost or Damaged Business Data

Data loss can lead to different big problems for your company, including:

Halt to Operation

A bit of data loss can already put a halt in the operations of a company. It can lead to important application failures that can, in turn, lead to long idle times for employees while the data is recovered or re-created. This affects the productivity for the duration of time the data is being recovered and restored

Data Backup and Recovery

Extreme data loss, however, like whole databases can lead to long-term halt on operations. When the data lost is integrated into different aspects of business operations, it becomes more difficult to go on like business as usual. The company simply stops operating. No fulfilling of orders, no reports, nothing.

Lost Revenue

Because of its effect in business operations, it will also affect how the company makes money. Partial loss of data can lead to lost productivity, which also means you are paying the usual expenses like utilities, rent, and employees’ salary without the equivalent production.

Extreme data loss can lead to long-term disruption of operations and not only will the company be losing money; they are also in danger of closing the whole company. Without recovering important data that is vital to the operations of the business, any organization will have a difficult time recovering.

Damaged Reputation

Loss of data, especially customer data, will not only lead to disruption of operations and lost profit, it can also hit your company’s reputation.

After all, who will trust a company that has lost their customer’s information? No one. Everyone will be worried that associating with the organization can lead to their personal information being lost, or worse, falling into the wrong hands.


Failure to protect data can even have legal implications for your company. With the prevalence of cyberattacks, regulatory entities have mandated businesses to take measures that will protect their customers’ personal data. Failure to do so can leave them open to lawsuits and other uphill legal battles.

Data Backup and Recovery Services from Your Trusted Managed Service Provider

Now that you see the extreme importance of data backup and recovery, it is time to take control of it before any data loss can happen.

While you can perform data backup by yourselves, it can be costly because it will require that you setup a separate server for the backup data, and it will consume much of your staff’s time. Time that can be better spent in projects that will generate more income for your business.

Instead, you can entrust the data backup and recovery to a reputable managed service provider like thinkIT Solutions

thinkIT Solutions Data Backup and Recovery Service

thinkIT Solutions is a full-service IT company dedicated to providing small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise-level computing solutions, which includes data backup and recovery.

With thinkIT Solutions, your data will be automatically backed up in secure cloud-hosted remote servers. In the event that the main server is damaged, the cloud server is in a separate location ready to provide the backup copy of the lost or damaged data from the main server.

You can also configure and customize how the data backup process will go. You can set how often the backup will be done (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), and what day and time the backup will be done (e.g. every Thursday at midnight so there will be no other employees).

Finally, since the backup data is hosted on cloud-hosted servers, it can be accessed from anywhere by employees with the right user privilege or permission. This means they do not even have to be in the office to recover the data.

thinkIT Solutions data backup and recovery services will provide your company peace of mind so that you can focus on your business.

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