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Data Backup New Orleans – Protecting Important Data

Your business data is the soul of your organization. In case it is misplaced or harmed, the effects on the company can be negative. It can cripple your trade, which can lead to loss of profit and eventually closure.

That is why it is important that your trusted managed service provider (MSP) has a strong data backup service in New Orleans or any parts of the US.

What are the Potential Risks of Data Loss?

How does the loss of data affect your business? How can the loss or damage of data eventually lead to lost profit or even closure of the business?

To help you understand its dangers, here are the most common risks connected to data loss:

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  • Loss of Productivity – The quick effect of lost or harmed data may be an end in business operations for the affected departments and workers. In the event that a certain data is fundamentally part of one or more aspects of your business, it’ll not be able to continue as normal unless the lost data is restored or replaced. The problem is that as a business owner, you still need to pay your employees and utilities in case they are not able to work. The longer the data recovery takes, the more production is lost.
  • Loss of Records and Data –Aside from a halt of production, the loss of important data and records should also be considered. A lot of these important data are hard to come by and usually is a product of different sales, marketing, and lead generation campaigns. In most cases, it’s the accumulated amount of information gathered over the years and cannot be replaced as easily. Its permanent loss will certainly be a big blow to any business.
  • Damaged Reputation – The most devastating effect of lost data, however, is the damage to the company’s brand and reputation. The first two problems mentioned above, while certainly having big effects, also have a direct solution. While it is difficult, records and databases can be built again. A damaged reputation, however, is not as easily solved. Imagine losing customer and client data. Not only are you losing the trust of the customers whose data you lost, but you are also losing the trust of the entire market because no one will trust their personal information to a company that already has a history of losing important, and probably sensitive, customer information.

Why You Need to Get A Trusted MSP for Data Backup and Recovery

While you can certainly set up your own data backup and recovery, there are several drawbacks you have to consider especially if your operating as a small or medium-sized business with not too many resources at your disposal.
First off, do you have the capacity to build a separate backup and recovery system so that if your main network and servers go down, your backup system can step in and produce the backed up copy of the lost data?
Second, do you have the manpower to spare to perform continuous and consistent backup of data? You have to consider that this will take up a lot of your IT staff’s time, leaving them with less time to handle other IT functions.

By outsourcing your data backup and recovery, you are getting the following advantages:

Advantage No. 1: Enterprise-Level Backup and Recovery System

By entrusting your data backup and recovery to a trusted MSP, you are getting a system built specifically for that purpose. Instead of a simple setup, you are getting top-of-the-line cloud-hosted servers to serve as your backup. This is a far cry from what you can build on your own. The best part is that these data backup and recovery system can be automated and customized based on your data backup needs.

Advantage No. 2: Secure Backup Data Center

MSPs are betting their name on the line when it comes to storing your important data. That is why you can expect high-level security measures to protect the whole system from various threats. In addition, not only are these systems protected virtually but they are also protected physically. There are restrictions on who can come in and out of these data centers to limit access to the physical servers.

Advantage No. 1: Accessible from Multiple Locations (Near You)

There is no need to set up a separate backup and recovery system for multiple business locations. Your trusted MSP can back up numerous networks in their cloud-hosted data centers. If data is lost from any location, the backup copy of the lost data can be restored in any of the other business locations.

thinkIT Solutions Provides Affordable but Enterprise-Level Data Backup in New Orleans and any City in the US

thinkIT Solutions provides expert IT services for all business computing needs including cloud migration and data backup and recovery services. They are dedicated in providing small and medium-scale organizations with enterprise-level IT services near me at affordable, monthly plans that.
For inquiries and questions about these services, you can Contact us now at (504) 608-1132!

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