Data Backup Software New Orleans

Lost or damaged data can have catastrophic effects on your business. There are a lot of companies that never recover from data loss disasters that they end up closing their business. In fact, the cost of lost, damaged, or stolen data surpasses billions of dollars per year.

That is why it is important for any business to employ a comprehensive approach in preventing data loss.

For small businesses, it is more difficult than it looks because they hardly have the resources to run their current IT infrastructure, let alone a separate system for backing up data.

Fortunately, there are available cloud data backup software in New Orleans and many parts of the US that provides, not only a good alternative but a better one than on-premise backup systems.

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Data Backup Software New Orleans – What is Cloud Data Backup Solution?

A cloud data backup solution refers to services that allow organizations to store a backup copy of their important and critical data over the internet in remote cloud servers. These cloud servers can be accessed by the business and its users with the right permissions through a client log-in application.

Data Backup Software New Orleans

This is a better solution than the old methods like backing up your data on physical storage devices like hard-drives or tapes, which is what is generally used in the past.

Of course, there are enterprises who are able to build their own data backup system where important data is stored within an on-premise server through the local area network (LAN).

That is quite the expensive option. Cloud backup solutions not only requires a smaller cost but also has several benefits over on-premise systems.

Data Backup Software New Orleans: Benefit 1: Automation of Backup Process

The best thing about cloud data backup services is that it takes the burden of backing up your important data from your IT staff. Through automation, the whole backup process becomes easier. Cloud backup data solution providers are able to let you configure when the data will be backed up and how often it will happen. After that, it all happens automatically.

Data Backup Software New Orleans: Benefit 2: Accessibility of Backup Data

The main advantage of having a cloud-based backup server is that the backup data is available anywhere you are. You do not even have to be in the office to recover data in the event of data loss. Simply sign into the client login application from your cloud provider and restore the copy of the data as soon as you can. This will reduce the supposed downtime that the lost data will cause.

Data Backup Software New Orleans: Benefit 3: Scalability of Service

Cloud-based services are known to grow as your businesses grow. In the event that you have outgrown the allotted server space provided by your cloud provider, you can simply increase your subscription for more. No added installations needed.

Data Backup Software New Orleans: Benefit 4: Redundancy of Servers

One thing not many discuss about cloud services is redundancy. What it generally means is that you are not exactly renting a single server when you go to the cloud. Your business is actually getting a network of backup servers that can save and backup your data automatically and switch over to a new server if there is some error or failure. This allows for continuity of service where the backup server is also backed up by other servers.

Data Backup Software New Orleans: Benefit 5: Security of Backup Data

Cloud providers are known to employ high-level security measures to protect their cloud servers from different threats. This includes regular audit of data center for a proactive approach to data loss protection and high-level encryption to protect the transmission of data for both the backup and recovery process.

Data Backup Software New Orleans: Benefit 6: Disaster Preparedness

In the event that your IT infrastructure and servers are damaged by a natural disaster or other calamities, it will be ok because your backup data is protected safe from harm in remote cloud servers. All you need is an internet connection then you can simply log in to the cloud application to access and recover data.

Data Backup Software New Orleans by thinkIT Solutions

Don’t wait till you lose important and critical data before you start thinking about backup solutions.

thinkIT Solutions will provide you with affordable but highly secure, redundant, scalable, and accessible cloud data backup services that will safeguard your business against threats against your data.

From setting up cloud data servers to data recovery assistance, thinkIT Solutions got you covered.

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