Data Migration Services in New Orleans

Data migration seems like a simple undertaking on the surface. You are simply transferring your data from one database software or system to another. If you do it right, then there should be no problems

Data Migration Services in New Orleans

Technically that is true. If you do not encounter any problem then t should be smooth sailing. The problem, however, is that data migration is rarely smooth sailing. There are always a couple of unexpected issues that will be encountered along the way.

Data migration services in New Orleans or other parts in the US can help you iron out these issues so that it does not affect your data in a way that can be detrimental to your business.

The Hidden Risks of Data Migration

A trusted managed service provider can help you plan and map out your data migration for you. They have experience in handling different problems that can crop up during the whole process.

If you are a small business with no IT staff that has no experience in large-scale data migration, it is highly suggested that you go this route.

If not, you may encounter different issues that you do not know how to solve like:

No. 1 – Data Loss

Data is the lifeblood of your business so you want to handle it with care during data migration. However, during the whole process of migration, some data may not migrate over from the source database software or system. If not careful, you might lose important data that might be difficult or impossible to recover.

No. 2 – Semantics Issue

Even if you successfully migrate data to the new system, there could still be problems because the location in the new system is different from the source. When this happens, the system can have some difficulty finding the right data to run, which could lead to non-performance of apps and software that use those data.

No. 3 – Data Corruption

During the process of migration, unwanted data can also transfer together with the important data. These unwanted data can have unwanted effects not only to the system but the database itself. In fact, these unwanted data can lead to data corruption that can lead to errors and other performance issues.

No. 4 – Data Migration Orchestration Problem

This is common when data migration is not done by expert professionals. Orchestration problem occurs when the data migration is not done in a particular order. The order by which certain data is migrated is very important because there are different dependencies between the business objects that use the system.

No. 5 – Parameterization Issues

Your target system may have some restrictions that make it incompatible to the data migration software that your business is using. This can lead to a lot of errors like data not migrating properly, data being lost, and even errors in the new system.

Getting Professional Help

Now that you know the different risks you are taking if you do not get expert IT professionals to assist you in data migration, it is time to know what to expect from a trusted managed service provider

Objective Evaluation

A trusted managed service provider will give you an unbiased evaluation of your source database software or system and the possible issues that can be encountered based on the system you are targeting to migrate your data to.

Realistic Timeline and Flexible Database Migration Schedule

Be wary of providers that promise you a quick migration. Data migration is done in batches so proper testing can be done to see if everything is in order. In addition, look for providers who can work with your business schedule. You do not want the data migration to happen during operating hours. You want it happening when there are minimal to zero people using the current system.

Extensive Testing and Verification

After every phase of the database migration, until the final data is transferred to the new system, there should be extensive testing and verification to know if everything is in working order. This is to ensure that the new system works with the data from the old database software or system and that the applications that are dependent on it can call upon the right data with no problems.

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