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Lost or damaged business data can have catastrophic consequences for any organization. The negative effects can range from temporary minor halt to your operations to severe consequences like business closure.

Why? Because business data is the lifeblood of the company. Without it, like the human body, the organization will have a difficult time functioning. That is why you have to invest in data backup and recovery to minimize the effects of data loss.

However, if you are a small business, it can be difficult to find the resources for it.

Fortunately, your organization does not have to go by it by yourselves. You can subscribe to the services of a data recovery company to help you set up a backup and recovery process.

What is Data Backup and Recovery?

Data backup and recovery is the process of backing important data so that in the event of lost or damaged data, the system will allow for data recovery.

Data backup processes involve copying and archiving of business data preferably in a separate server from the server of the original data. This is done so that in the event that the main server that contains the original data, the backup data is safe on a separate location.

As a small business, it will be expensive to set up a separate server. That is why it is better to entrust your data backup and recovery process to a trusted data recovery company.

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Data Recovery Company

Why You Need to Hire a Data Backup and Recovery Company?

Entrusting your data backup and recovery process to a reputable data recovery company has several benefits. This includes:

1: Recovery Data Can Be Accessed Anywhere

Your trusted data recovery company will be backing up your data in remote cloud-hosted servers. Cloud servers are servers that is hosted on the data recovery provider’s own data center. Subscribers like your business are able to access it through an account that can be logged on to via the Internet.

Since the service is delivered via the world wide web, the business and users with access privilege to the backup data can download the backup copy of a lost or damaged data from anywhere as long as they have an internet-connected PC, laptop, or mobile device.

2: Secure Backup Data Servers

These cloud-hosted servers are protected in very secure data centers. Reputable data recovery companies employ a multi-layer security approach that includes high-level security measures that protect their servers from intrusion virtually and physically. This includes high-level measures like regular audits, 24/7 monitoring, and encryption for transmission protection. Access to the physical servers is also limited to select authorized personnel to minimize the risk of physical tampering.

3: Automated and Customizable Backup Process

The great thing about subscribing to a data backup and recovery company is that you won’t have to do the backup process yourself. In fact, you can even customize how your data will be backed up. Most data backup and recovery providers automate the way data is backed up to avoid manual processes, which can lead to human errors and mistakes. By automating it, businesses are able to configure how their data is backed up including how often data is backed up (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly) and when the data is backed up (e.g. every Monday, or every end of the month). These can be updated over time depending on the data backup needs of the business.

4: Reduced Workload for Your IT Staff

Since the backup process is now automated, your IT staff won’t have to exhaust themselves backing up your data manually. This frees your IT staff to do more productive things and focus on business-related IT campaigns and projects that can generate profit for the organization.

5: Scalable Backup Servers

As your company grows, the amount of business data it handles and stores also grows. By two or three years, your current server setup might not be able to hold your main data, let alone your backup data, anymore. If you are using your own servers, expanding will cost more money because you will have to purchase, install, and configure new servers to accommodate the additional influx of data.

If you go with a data recovery company, however, expanding server allocation for backup data is a matter of expanding your subscription for additional server space. No need to buy, install, or configure new hardware. It’s just business as usual.

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