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The importance of data recovery services largely lies on the rising data loss threats that modern enterprises are facing. The factors that cause data loss are inherent in our surroundings. So, as long as there is information, there can be data loss.

Factors that cause data loss such as heat, water, and shock are natural phenomena. So, avoiding them is not easy. Chances are that your computer hard disk already suffered damages from these factors.

Mechanical parts of computers also degrade over time and it is something natural. Besides, users are human and are prone to error. So, errors that may cause data loss would most likely happen. Data loss is natural, so data recovery services are a constant need for users.

Some causes of data loss are more artificial, though. One such artificial cause for data loss is a malware attack. Malware attacks can destroy data.
One notable type of malware that attacks data is the ransomware. It holds data and asks for ransom to hand the data back.

These factors happen very often in nature, and our data are not spared. So, data recovery services are among the most important services for users.

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Data recovery services can be useful in many cases and you can read these cases below:

Data Recovery Services Save Important Company Data

Data recovery services cost are nothing compared to the cost of data loss for companies.

Data recovery services

Consoltech reports that 70% of small firms go out of business within a year after major data loss incident. Data loss kills businesses and even industries. But, data recovery services are here to ease things for them.

Company data is information that keeps up an organization’s existence. It could be business transactions, bank records, financial records, employee records, and more. Data loss of any of these records could make a large impact to the business.

Data loss is naturally occurring. So, businesses who keep valuable data should have a data recovery plan.

Data Recovery to Save Personal Data

Company data is not the only information worthy of salvaging. Your own personal information could also be something of value. Others may not find value in them, but they may have value to you.

Some of the data you keep in your hard drive may photographs of you with your loved ones. Or it could be a video of when your children made their first walk. These personal data are worthy of salvaging by data recovery services.

Lost data could not just be intimate data. Your own bank-related records or official records could also be the next victims of data loss.

Data Recovery Services Save Data of Artistic Value

There is one interesting story that involves data recovery services into the arts.

Photographer Melanie Willhide lost hope of recovering her photographs. Her computer was stolen and the burglar did not spare even her backup drive.

She was convinced that she will never see some of her artistic outputs ever again.

Yet, the police recovered her computer and contacted her when they saw it at the back seat of a car. When the photographer got her computer back, she found that the photographs are gone. The burglar already wiped her computer out.

So, Willhide ran a recovery software to save her photographs. She recovered the photographs, but they look different now. Overwriting turned the photographs into surreal images. They look as if they were manipulated using Photoshop.

But, she saw the corrupted photographs as accidental art and exhibited it. She even named the exhibit to the burglar that caused the corruption of her photographs.

This is a quite strange case of how data recovery services got involved in art.

Data Recovery Services Save Data Useful in Forensics

Data recovery services could also help authorities in solving crime. Most criminals have the habit of wiping evidence, including computer data. But, computer data could be recovered. This is the job of data recovery services.

There are many cases where crime was solved thanks to the help of data recovery services. On famous example involves the death of Michael Jackson.

The legendary performer died due to an overdose of anesthetic propofol back in 2009. Authorities then found out that it was prescribed by his own doctor.

They found a doctor’s prescription of large amounts of propofol from a hard drive. The hard drive belong to the doctor’s computer.

Data Recovery to Save Government Important Data

Government data is not spared by data loss and data breaches. So, they may also avail data recovery services.

Government data are sensitive and, sometimes, top secret. So, it needs the best data recovery services that could maintain discretion.

Even the US Department of Veterans Affairs was not spared. Back in 2006, private information of over 26 million veterans was compromised. This proves that even government institutions are not immune to data loss.

A data recovery plan should be a part of your business’s security measures. Causes for data loss are natural and inherent in our surroundings. Damages of data loss would surely outweigh data recovery services cost. If anything goes wrong with your hard drive, you can ask data recovery services for help.

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