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Database migration seems like a simple undertaking. Different factors like architecture, functionality, and compatibility, however, make it more complicated than you really think it is. Done wrong and it could cause more problems for your business.

Fortunately, you can get professional help through a reliable, secure, and fast database migration service in New Orleans and other parts of the US.

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Database Migration Service in New Orleans – Risks in Database Migration

Undergoing database migration can present several issues when not done right, here are some of the risks your business may face on a database migration gone awry.

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Loss of Data

If some issues occur during the migration, some data may not transfer properly and can get lost in the process.

Corruption of Data

Aside from being lost, data can also be corrupted during the process. For example, unwanted data can also be migrated with the correct data. This can result in possible errors and crashes for the end-users.

Semantics Error

Even if data is transferred successfully data may not be in risk of not being used properly because of a difference in location in the new system. For example, a group of data is transferred to a different column to the target system compared to the source. The system may have difficulty calling the data because of its new location.

Wrong Order of Data Migration

Some data needs to be migrated before others especially when there are dependencies between different kinds of data. Get the order wrong and the new system may not work correctly, or may not work at all.

Business Application Errors

If the applications used by the business is dependent on certain types of data, it can malfunction of the accompanying data is not properly migrated.

Extended Downtimes

If the data migration takes longer than expected due to errors or other things that have gone wrong, it could mean extended downtimes for the business. That also translates to lost production and lost profit.

These are just some of the most common risks associated with data migration. That is why it is important that you have an expert guiding you throughout the process

Database Migration Service in New Orleans – What You Are Getting

Evaluation of Your Data Infrastructure

Your managed service provider should be able to objectively evaluate the current state of your data architecture. Identify the level of complexity, which includes data dependencies. This should dictate the order of data migration, and the timeline of the whole process.

Developed Database Migration Timeline

They should also be able to tell you the length of the whole process. Be wary of providers who promise a quick migration. Your provider should be able to give you a realistic timeline of how long each stage of the migration will last and how much it will affect your business operations.

Flexible Database Migration Schedule

Your provider should also be able to adjust to your business operations to minimize its effect on your operations. As much as possible, they should be able to work around the development and operational needs of your organization. For example, you want most of the migration done during certain hours so that there are few to zero employees in the office using the current database.

Expert Management and Troubleshooting of Database Migration

The whole point of going to a third-party provider for your data migration needs is for expert help. Your trusted provider should be able to give you that. Your provider should be able to expertly manage all facets of the database migration process and effectively troubleshoot any issues that may come up.

Testing and Verification of Target System

The process does not end when the database is migrated, there should be comprehensive testing and verification needed to make sure that the migrated database works well and the business applications that depend on it are able to use it without problems. When the reins of the system are given to your business, it should be all ready to go.

Continuous Support

Even after the database migration, your provider should still be available to support your new system and provide support, especially for data-related issues.

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