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Enterprise IT Support Services in New Orleans

Information technology is the cornerstone of any business, big or small. The difference, however, is that big corporations and enterprises have the money and the resources to build expert and high-level IT teams with different specialties, who are dedicated in supporting different IT aspects of the company.

Smaller businesses just do not have the luxury to build their own specialized IT team of their own.

Fortunately, there are managed service providers near me and around the US who can provide enterprise IT support for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

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Benefits of Getting IT Support from a Managed Service Provider

By outsourcing your IT needs to a managed service provider, your business can enjoy the following benefits:

Savings on IT resources

Managed service providers usually operate on a subscription-basis business model. This means if you want their services, your business will sign up to their service for either a monthly or an annual incremental fee.

 Enterprise IT Support Near Me

You will then sign a service-level agreement that outlines the type of service and the quality of service expected to be delivered in exchange for your payment.

As a result, your business is able to get enterprise-level IT support and services without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money. This will reduce your operational costs and IT operating expenses.

Focus on Main Duties and Roles

A common theme among small business employees is that they should be able to wear as many hats as possible. Because of limited resources, employees are often tasked with going beyond their normal roles and duties, and sometimes, that includes taking on the IT hat role.

The problem is that IT duties are difficult to fulfill especially if it is not your specialty. Soon, employees are focusing more on IT related problems instead of their own. The quality of work for both IT and not-IT related tasks suffer.

By outsourcing your IT services, you are able to free much of your employee’s time so they can focus on projects and tasks that will generate income for the business.

Scalable IT Services

Your company will not stay as a small business forever. If you go for your own IT team and infrastructure, chances are that you will outgrow them in a few years. You will then have to spend more money and more capital expenditures to support the expansion.

Managed IT services, on the other hand, are pretty scalable and can easily accommodate the rapid changes brought by your company growth.

IT Services Available for Your Business

Now that you know the benefits you can get by subscribing to a trusted managed service provider, it is time to know what IT services you can enjoy from them.

Cloud Migration

Whether you plan to move your whole IT infrastructure to the cloud or just part of it, your managed service provider can help you on different stages of the migration. From evaluating your cloud readiness and designing your system, to the actual migration and management of the system, you provider can assist you all the way. They are also the ones who will be managing your cloud servers for your business to ensure minimal to zero downtimes.

Data Backup, Security, and Recovery

Your business data is the backbone of your business. That is why you have to employ all measures possible to protect it from loss, damage, or theft.

That s why you should ask your provider with data backup services where important data are backed up in a separate cloud server. This way, in the event that a data is lost or damaged, a backup copy can be recovered immediately.

But even with a reliable data and recovery system, your provider should still make it a point to protect your data from cyber attacks and data breach. This includes the deployment of high-level security measures like encryption to protect your data during transmission and regular server audits to ensure nothing is out of place.

Helpdesk and Technical Support

Your employees will eventually hit a snag and will need IT support. Fortunately, your trusted provider can also provide your team with expert IT support remotely. For bigger concerns that cannot be solved over phone or chat, they can send someone on-premise to take care of the problem.

Expert Enterprise-Level IT Support from thinkIT Solutions

thinkIT Solutions is a New Orleans-based full-service IT company dedicated to providing small and medium-sized business enterprise-level IT solutions that will allow them to compete against the bigger competitors in their industry.

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