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What is an MSP?

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that offers managed IT services to a vast array of clients. Typically, an MSP is hire by a business to look over the health of their IT systems. By relying to their managed IT services, businesses can off-load management of their company’s IT function out of their core responsibilities, and let the MSP handle all the network management and monitoring tasks of their respective IT environments.

To know why your business needs to outsource managed IT services from an MSP, here are some good reasons:

Enterprise MSP New Orleans

7 Reasons to Hire an MSP

1: Access to In-Depth IT Expertise and World-Class Tools

The biggest value an MSP provides their clients are top-of-the-class IT support. MSPs achieve this by quickly integrating to their systems only top-grade tools and solutions. To further guarantee an excellent managed IT service, MSPs also invest in substantial technical training programs for all their IT administrators and technicians.

With all of these, MSPs guarantee that they will be able to provide IT services that align with current industry standards. Aside from these, businesses will also have access to world-class tools without heavily investing on them. With an MSP, they can as well assure that only qualified IT specialists will watch over their IT environments.

2: Fast Response Time

By hiring an MSP, your business will have a 24/7 network monitoring and support. With that, a qualified IT specialist can quickly address an IT-related issue the moment it happens. This allows your MSP to troubleshoot any problem before it causes any worse network disruption.

Also, MSPs have remote access capability over their clients’ IT environment. This allows them to fix an issue without physically going where the affected computer or server is. With this, MSPs further guarantee that they can act fast when an unforeseen issue has infiltrated your systems.

3: Proactive IT Support

MSPs do not just act when an issue has already infected your network, but they also set up comprehensive proactive management to prevent those issue to happen in the first place. Also with a proactive approach, their IT specialists will have a set of strategic IT process that they can follow when a potential threat has been detected.

4: Improved Security

As part of the managed IT services an MSP provides, they also set up strategic security procedures that strengthen the overall protection of a client’s IT environment and all of its endpoints. With this, an MSP can effectively lock possible threats out of a client’s network systems. As a result, a business can be guaranteed that potential issues that cause security breaches or data loss will be avoided.

5: Better Uptime

With continuous management and monitoring of all IT systems, an MSP guarantees reduced risks of network downtimes and technical glitches. With better uptime, a business will be able to maintain operational continuity and retain the productivity of the entire company.

6: Efficient Data Recovery Process

An MSP does not just manage and monitor your IT environment, but they also back up your business files and information in a secure remote data center. This gives businesses assurance that they can easily recover their data in case of natural disasters or data breaches that caused data saved in their in-premise servers to be compromised.

7: Better Business Focus

With the responsibility of managing the health and status of all you network devices out of your business’ hands, you can now put your focus on the core functions of your company. Also, with the cost savings from hiring an MSP, you will have more company resources that you can utilize in improving operational efficiencies and building better customer relationships.

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