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Examples of Cloud Computing Uses in Everyday Life

In 2018, 77% of enterprises used cloud computing in some way according to IDG. That is a lot of companies since there are over 30 million small businesses in the US alone. They might have seen many examples of cloud computing uses that make work efficient.

Businesses are not the only ones who find cloud computing useful. Cloud apps and platforms have a lot of uses in everyday life as well. You might already be using one yourself.

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Examples of Cloud Computing Use in Chatbots

Gathering user’s personal information requires a platform with large storage capacity. Facebook’s data warehouse Hive alone stores 300 petabytes of data. Well, you need a large storage capacity to store huge amounts of data. Data storage has been one of the examples of cloud computing uses for people.

Thus, examples of cloud computing use can be found in chatbots. One of the primary purposes of chatbots is to gather information from people. This is so that people could have a better user experience in using an application or program.

Cloud Computing In Everyday Life

Chatbots are virtual assistants anyway. It is their job to know your preferences so they could serve you well.

When you ask your Siri or Amazon Alexa to play a song, they will take note of it. You might get surprised when your apps start to suggest other songs of the same genre.

To store huge amounts of people’s information, these chatbots use cloud computing.

Examples of Cloud Computing Use in Communication

In normal SMS, your message data is stored only in your device. But with messaging apps that use the cloud, you could access your information on any device. This is one of the examples of cloud computing uses.

With normal SMS, data could be destroyed once your device is destroyed. But with messaging apps that use the cloud, your data is safe even when your device breaks. In fact, the uses of cloud computing are pretty common in messaging apps.

Examples of cloud computing in messaging platforms also include emails. Since your email information is stored in the cloud, you could access them on any computer.

Skype and WhatsApp are also examples of cloud computing messaging apps. With these flexible apps, you could track your messages and contacts anywhere.

Facebook Messenger is also included in the examples of cloud computing messaging apps.

Uses of cloud computing in messaging apps are also ideal. Conversations tend to be long and messages are quite huge to be stored in individual devices. But the flexibility of cloud computing could handle this huge information.

Examples of Cloud Computing Use in Productivity

Imagine you forgot your laptop at home. Suddenly, you have to present something today at work. Or maybe you happen to remember that you have to submit a document today. But, your laptop is sitting on the table at your home.

Yet, you are lucky that you made your documents over a cloud-like Google Docs. You can now access them in any office desktop connected to the internet.

Productivity is also included in examples of cloud computing uses in our lives. Google Docs is well-known productivity software that uses cloud computing.

Such kind of software allows the documents to be secure from corruption. It also allows the user to access their documents on any device. So, whenever documents are needed, they could be easily obtained.

Examples of Cloud Computing Use in File Recovery

Uses of cloud computing in documents is more than just making them easy to access. File recovery is also included in the examples of cloud computing uses.

Physical storage devices are prone to destruction. Well, all things are prone to destruction. And in the destruction of these devices, stored data is also included.

For example, destruction of a flash drive also means the destruction of its contents. For instance, the loss of a laptop may also mean loss of its contents too.

Malware is another factor in the destruction of data. A well-known malware called ransomware is notorious for holding data. They will then ask the victim to pay a certain price for their data to be returned. But, usually, the malware destroys it even when the ransom was paid.

Loss and destruction of data are just some of the major concerns in modern life. So, it is important to have your information backed up. Dropbox and Google Drive are examples of cloud computing platforms for storing the backup.

Examples of Cloud Computing Use in Social Media

There are diverse examples of cloud computing, which often leads to the question, what exactly is cloud computing? As you explore this concept, it might surprise you to discover that social media platforms are considered cloud platforms. This revelation opens the door to understanding how integral cloud computing has become in our daily lives. For instance, when students or professionals decide to have their diplomarbeit schreiben lassen written by experts, they frequently utilize cloud-based services to collaborate and share documents with these professionals. This process exemplifies how cloud computing is utilized across various fields, further solidifying its position among the examples of cloud computing uses.

Well, yes! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace also use cloud computing. Just imagine how many words or photos are posted in these platforms every day. In fact, there are 5,787 tweets posted on Twitter every minute. That’s 500 million tweets each day!

So, what is cloud computing use in these social media platforms? They help this platform store huge amounts of data. The traffic within these sites is incredibly heavy. But, cloud computing helps them handle this traffic.

Furthermore, cloud computing also allows users to log in their accounts on any device.

Examples of Cloud Computing Use in Organizations

In 2018, enterprises said that they will invest around $3.5 million dollars on the cloud this year on the average. That is a lot of cash to invest. That same year also saw executives of enterprises planning to get 100% cloud soon. These executives manage major industries such as manufacturing and telecom.

Fast IT service delivery is the biggest reason why businesses are looking for cloud. 76% of enterprises said so.

Other reasons also account for why businesses are going cloud. The flexibility of the cloud in reacting to changing market conditions is also cited. The low total cost of the platform is also another reason. These account for 65% and 53% respectively.

Need for real-time information is also 26% in the reasons why businesses go cloud.

So, these are just some of the examples of cloud computing uses among businesses. Flexibility and speed are the primary reasons why enterprises are going cloud.

So, what is cloud computing in our lives? It is almost everything. From file management to communications. Cloud computing’s flexibility allows it to find use in almost every aspect of modern life. Not to mention it makes our work efficient too!.

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