There has long been an idea in the gaming community that a new account plays much better than an account with a gaming history; this also applies to bonuses taken here https://nodepositbonuscasinoau.com/all-casinos/blue-leo-casino and cashbacks. All my top deposits were from the first deposit, and just take the last week – Blue Leo casino, total deposits amounted to 20k, and I deposited more than $500,000 in both.


I just thought, I need to conduct an objective test. What will I do? Within a week, I’ll drop by the dude’s place, deposit $200,000 into his account and make deposits at all the casinos I’ve previously visited. I think a sample of ten establishments will be enough. Of course, a friend will play and not according to my refs, no abuse – everything is fair and without violations. As an outside observer, I will adjust slots, bets, casino selection, and also record the entire chronology of events.

Later, when we shoot, I’ll post the result here and update the post on the main page. In the meantime, place your bets, gentlemen.

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