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The healthcare industry is pretty demanding and it should be. The organizations in this industry are working to literally keep people alive. They are the vanguards of our health and that is where they should be putting their attention – in providing the best healthcare as possible to patients.
However, there are a lot of demands for healthcare companies in regards to compliance and regulations, especially because they are handling patients’ personal information. Complying with these regulations, that are still evolving, can take up a lot of time, money, and resources.
Fortunately, they no longer have to do it on their own. A trusted managed IT service provider can take these burdens so that healthcare companies can focus on what is important, excellent patient care.

Healthcare Companies Support

Managed IT Services for the Healthcare Industry

To help you deliver the best patient care possible, your trusted managed service provider (MSP) can take on the job of providing solutions for your IT needs, including:

No. 1: Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare companies handling sensitive patient information are rightfully regulated with strict standards like HIPAA. These standards are also ever-evolving to keep up with the developments in technology. That is why it is more practical to have trust an MSP that has experience if keeping multiple companies compliant to these ever-changing regulations.

No. 2: Security

This part goes hand-in-hand with regulatory compliance. After all, most of the requirements for compliance that needs to be met are security-related. You want a trusted MSP that can provide your healthcare company with a layered approach to security, which includes high-level encryption, multi-level authentication, anti-virus, malware and ransomware protection, and frequent security patches. Look for network security that not only aims to make your organization compliant but goes beyond what is minimum to safeguard your network and your data.

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No. 3: Cloud Data Management

A lot of businesses spend a good portion of their IT budget on storage and healthcare companies are no different. That is why they need an MSP that can provide them with a robust, reliable, and secure data centers. And by storing it on the cloud, files and data can be retrieved by users from anywhere through an internet-connected computer or mobile device.

No: 4: Data Backup and Recovery

As a healthcare organization, your patient data is not just your normal, run-of-the-mill kind of customer data. Aside from the patient’s personal information, their medical history and treatments are also included. These information can save lives so it is important that they are never lost. Fortunately, you can have your trusted MSP to automatically backup and replicate important data on a secondary data center, separate from your main data storage. This way, if something happens to your main data storage, you can quickly perform data recovery using the backup files.

No. 5: 24/7 Network Monitoring

Downtimes are not good for any business. For healthcare companies, it can be catastrophic. That is why your trusted MSP should have a proactive approach when it comes to managing your network. They should have a dedicated team of expert IT specialists that is constantly monitor the network for possible threats. This includes regular reports on network status and notifications for any possible issues.

No. 6: Expert Technical Support

No matter how good your IT infrastructure is, inevitable something will go wrong. Whether the issue is caused by users or by a system failure, the important thing is that it is resolved as quickly as possible. Your trusted MSP should have a team of expert IT professionals ready to take on these cases immediately. They should be able to resolve each case remotely, but in the event that it needs onsite assistance, your MSP should be able to send someone to get the job done.

thinkIT Solutions Leverages the Cloud to Provide Affordable but Flexible Healthcare Solutions.

By using the cloud to deliver IT services like IT infrastructure, data storage, data backup and recovery, etc. thinkIT Solutions is able to provide customers, including Healthcare organizations, with affordable IT solutions that do not sacrifice reliability and security.
In addition, by using the cloud, thinkIT healthcare solutions can be accessed from anywhere on any web-connected device. Moreover, these healthcare solutions are easily scalable and it grows as your company grows, which removes the need to build new infrastructures to handle expansion of service.
To make it simple, thinkIT Solutions takes care of your IT needs through the cloud so you do not have to and without breaking the bank. To know more, contact us at (504) 608-1132!

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