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Medical IT Services by thinkIT Solutions

Think about it, what’s your number one priority? You’re patient. But, to deliver the best patient care, you need secure, timely, and accurate communication and collaboration—and that’s determined by your technology.

ThinkIT delivers healthcare IT solutions to remedy any issues you have with uptime and performance, as well as keep you compliant with HIPAA regulations. Whether you need more server space, data security, managed backup recovery or the latest technology, we’re here to help.

IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry & recent Medical IT Solutions data that you need to know

Today, all healthcare organizations are on the skirt of getting injured due to the growing number of electronic data. The electronic health records (EHR) within the health organizations contain tremendous volumes of diagnostic pictures and a share of different document records. The datasets are required to be managed well and controlled using analytical control. Within the process, there’s too a dire need to ensure security and administrative compliance.

At thinkIT solutions, we understand the growing need for addressing data challenges while managing IT complexity and reducing the total cost of ownership.

We Offer Medical Managed Service Providers with Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance plays a major role in it solutions for healthcare industry and thereby organizations need to adhere to it strictly. Every application and data need to be accessed in accordance to the security and regulatory compliance requirements. At thinkIT, we offer solutions that allow healthcare organizations to sort out workflows by moving patient and diagnostic information effortlessly and securely through the network.

Data Management

It is well-known that 30 percent of the IT budgets are spent on storage by healthcare organizations. We offer multi-tier storage architectures that reduce central storage growth by transferring data to the utmost cost-efficient storage platform. Data can be retrieved whenever it is needed, therefore archival and de-duplication solutions work less for the organizations.

Infrastructure Optimization

Beyond the need, IT services for healthcare organizations are extending and managing IT infrastructure which has become more of a necessity for them. This once more works on colossal reserves and the workforce that’s required to preserve them.

At thinkIT, we offer optimization solutions that simplify data management, ensure application performance and reduce overall costs. Our offerings cover cloud-based solutions that require less time and money for future expansions.

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What Benefits Will I Get with Healthcare IT Solutions?

  • Scalable solutions for any size facility or practice

  • Compliance with HIPAA standards

  • Minimized server and network downtime

  • Enhanced security and protection

  • Improved mobility and flexibility

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