IT Consulting for Law Firms in New Orleans

Law firms in New Orleans and across the United States are dependent on IT services to fulfill different tasks for day-to-day operations. The problem, however, is that lawyers and legal staff cannot be expected to maintain these IT services and solutions. Their specialty is providing legal services and is not equipped to be handling IT-related problems.

Unfortunately, some smaller firms do not have the resources to hire expert IT staff and maintain their own IT infrastructure. As a result, some legal staff with some IT skills and knowledge have to step up.

Good news is that with IT consulting for law firms in New Orleans, companies operating in the legal industry wouldn’t have to settle for inferior IT services anymore.

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IT Consulting for Law Firms in New Orleans

Expert IT Consulting for Law Firms in New Orleans

There is no need to suffer through inferior IT services that take away time from your own legal staff. By enlisting the services of a trusted managed service provider, you can have reliable, robust, flexible, and secure IT solutions to support your law firm’s daily operations.

Whether you need to shift to the cloud or host and implement a custom application for your law firm, a trusted managed service provider can fulfill your IT needs through a subscription basis instead of having to pay large capital investment to build your own IT infrastructure.

This removes large cost involved in adopting IT services to improve the efficiency and productivity of your law firm.

What is Available IT Consulting Services for Law Firms in New Orleans

If you have a law firm based in New Orleans or any other state or city in the US, here are some of the common IT services that you can take advantage of:
Objective Evaluation of Current IT Infrastructure
A trusted managed service provider can give you an objective evaluation and review of your current infrastructure. They can determine your IT needs based on how you use technology for your day-to-day operations.

From there, they can make proper recommendations on what IT solutions you need. They can even help you if you want to move to the cloud. You can do it partially or move everything to the cloud in one go.
Cloud-Hosted Solutions and Services
The cloud is a great equalizer in the world of information technology. It made it possible for managed service providers to offer a myriad of services that can be delivered via the Internet through a subscription basis. The main recipient is companies like yours who have little resources to implement their own IT solutions.

Via a trusted managed service provider, your law firm can take advantage of cloud services like cloud server storage, application hosting, cloud-hosted network and infrastructure and more. Whatever IT needs your law firm has, it can probably be solved via the cloud.
Data Backup and Recovery
With your law firm handling sensitive and critical information that can decide the lives of your clients, it is important that you take the necessary steps to protect it. This includes an automated backup process that automatically creates copies of your important data and stores it in a separate server, usually a cloud server.

In the event of data loss, your law firm can simply recover the copy in the backup server for minimal disruption of operations.
Network and Systems Security
As said above, your law firm is handling critical client information. Aside from data loss, you also have to protect your system and network to avoid data theft, data corruption, and data modification. With everything connected to the Internet, there are now hundreds of ways that malicious parties can attack your infrastructure.

From viruses, trojan horse and other malware to DDoS attacks and Spywares, a managed service provider can provide your network and system high-level protection that’s usually reserved for big corporations.
Helpdesk and Technical Support
Inevitably, your lawyers and legal staff will encounter some problems with their computers, devices, and the network itself. Your managed service provider can also act as your own helpdesk or technical support team.

They can be on-call 24/7 and they can assist you and your users with their IT troubles remotely. If the problem needs to be personally solved, your trusted managed service provider can send someone on-premise to fix the issue.

thinkIT Solutions – IT Consulting for Law Firms in New Orleans

thinkIT Solutions is a full-service managed service provider that gives IT services and solutions for organizations in different industries including law firms.

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