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Information technology is the lifeblood of any business. Whether you are a small brick-and-mortar shop or a multi-national company, information technology is what keeps any business
competitive in the industry that they are operating in.

If you are a big enterprise, you may have the resources to build a powerful IT infrastructure and hire an expert team. Smaller businesses, however, are not as willing to spend as much especially if they are unsure of what it can accomplish.

IT Service Provider in New Orleans

That is where a trusted IT service provider in New Orleans comes in. The main causes of this hesitancy are two things, limited budget and the gap in knowledge about information technology. Because of these two reasons, smaller businesses hold back and they are not able to maximize the customer experience that they can provide their customers.

With their trusted IT service provider, these smaller businesses can address these problems with a co-managed IT solution, whereas your current IT infrastructure and existing IT team is supported by an expert third-party provider.

IT Service Provider in New Orleans – What is Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT solutions refer to the practice of combining the familiarity and functionality of your existing IT system that is managed by your in-house IT team, with the scalability and flexibility of a cloud-based environment.

By working with a trusted IT service provider in New Orleans or other parts in the US, you are able to combine the two systems cohesively that allows smaller businesses to scale and adopt new technology easily through the cloud, without having to do away with an existing IT infrastructure immediately.

Co-managed IT services are usually customized based on the needs of every business because it will depend on what IT solutions and services are needed to be outsourced and what IT tasks can still be kept to the in-house IT team.

IT Service Provider in New Orleans – Factors Considered for Co-Managed IT Setups

Before entering into a co-managed setup, several factors need to be considered including:

  • In-house Expertise – One of the most important factors is the skill and knowledge level of your current IT staff. Can they take on more advanced projects or are they limited to basic upkeep of your current network? More than anything, this will dictate what IT solutions will be outsourced to your provider.
  • In-house IT infrastructure – Another important factor is the current capability of your current network not only in terms of storage and bandwidth, but also in terms of security.
  • Software and Applications – The applications that you use for your business will also dictate whether you need to get help. Some productivity apps are simple enough to manage that your basic IT staff can manage it, but there are apps and other tools that need expert management.

After considering these factors, you and your IT service provider can decide on the level of ownership your IT staff and on-premise IT infrastructure can take care of, and what projects or components of the business are to be passed on to your provider.

IT Service Provider in New Orleans – Benefits of Co-Managed IT Solutions

With little resources to spend either on IT infrastructure or expensive expert IT staff, co-managed services can fill either the gap in information technology need or in knowledge and skill as necessary.

This allows your existing IT staff to focus and do a good job on what they do while you outsource the projects and components of your business that needs better hosting through the cloud or expert handling by an expert IT specialist.

Some additional benefits that your business can enjoy through a co-managed IT partnership with your IT service provider in New Orleans or any part of the country:

  • 24/7 Monitoring of Infrastructure – Your provider operates 24/7 so you can be sure that your IT infrastructure is given a proactive approach to management and maintenance. You get regular reports on the network status and remote support for technical issues.
  • Improved Security – You can be sure that your trusted provider can provide your network better security than anything you can come up for your business, especially with your limited resources.
  • Scalable IT System – Even if you are not fully in the cloud, your business is still getting an easily expandable system that will grow as your business grows. And if ever you need to fully migrate to the cloud, it will not be a difficult transition compared to doing it in one fell swoop without going through a co-managed setup first.

thinkIT Solutions – Co-Managed IT Service Provider in New Orleans

thinkIT Solutions is a New Orleans-based IT service provider that aims to deliver expert-level IT solutions to small businesses at affordable prices.

Whether you want to fully migrate to the cloud or if you want a co-managed IT setup, thinkIT Solutions can work with you based on your needs.

You can call us at 608-1132 for inquiries and assistance.

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