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Your business no longer needs to invest in enterprise-level equipment and hardware to have a powerful IT infrastructure. Instead of spending huge capital investment on a network that will deteriorate in time, you can instead opt for managed IT services in New Orleans and other parts of the US.

What is Managed It Services and Why is it Good for Your Business? 


Managed IT services refers to the practice of either replacing or augmenting management of different IT function by a third-party provider. They provide IT support, solutions, and management of your systems remotely through the cloud. Service is accessed and delivered via the Internet.

IT Services New Orleans

Over the years, more and more businesses are shifting their IT setup to this model because of several reasons including:

 Benefit No.1: No Large Capital Investment 

In the past, businesses had to set their own IT infrastructure to host their business applications and software. This required large capital investment because the equipment and hardware needed are very expensive. As a result, large companies always had the advantage because they can afford bigger and more powerful IT infrastructures compared to smaller businesses.

With managed IT services, however, small and medium scale businesses are able to have access to enterprise-level IT solutions without the need to shell out large amounts of money.

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Benefit No. 2: Mobility and Accessibility for Distributed Workforce 

Unlike legacy IT networks, managed IT services are not only able to address computing needs within the premises of the business, but it can also meet the demands of users outside the office as well.

Because managed IT services are delivered via the world wide web, business owners and their distributed workforce only need to have a computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet.

Benefit No. 3: Multiple Locations Under One Network 

Instead of setting up different and separate IT networks and data centers in each business location, you can instead have each location working under one managed IT service.

This avoids the problem of having different and incompatible systems for each location. With each one working under one IT network system, communication and collaboration between each business location will be more seamless and convenient.

Benefit No. 4: Secure and Reliable IT Services 

The best thing about having your IT needs managed by a trusted provider is that it is their business to keep their whole infrastructure secure and reliable for business customers like you.

Serving multiple clients, they have to ensure that clients will have minimal to zero downtimes and that their data is always safe and protected.

That is why they employ high-level security measures to ensure safe and secure IT networks while deploying redundant servers and data centers for business continuity.

What IT Support, Solutions, and Management Functions Can Your Business Expect From Managed IT Service Providers? 

Now that you recognize the benefits of moving your IT needs to a trusted managed IT service provider, it is time to identify which functions you want to outsource.

The simple answer is that you can outsource virtually any IT function your business requires to your trusted managed IT service provider, including:

Cloud Migration Assistance 

Migrate your whole network or just use the cloud to augment your existing on-premise network. Depending on your business needs, your managed IT service provider should be able to plan your cloud roadmap, and execute your business’ migration to the with minimal to zero downtime for your business.

System Administration and Management 

Let your IT staff focus on strategies that will help your business to grow and earn more. Leave the administration and management of your network to your trusted managed IT service provider. This includes complete management and optimization of your cloud-hosted IT network and data center, and your business applications and software. You also get robust reporting and notification about the status of your network. 

Data Backup and Recovery 

Protection of important and sensitive data should be a priority of any business. A good managed IT service provider will offer your organization this service so that you can automate the backup process of your important data. By doing this, your business is prepared when important data is lost or damaged. You can simply get the backup copy and replace the lost or damaged data.

Live Network Monitoring 

Your business is vulnerable to data breach and other security threats. Your chosen managed IT service provider should be able to give your organization consistent and continuous monitoring and threat detection. This is a more proactive approach that identifies potential issues before they escalate into full-blown incidents that can cause long downtimes and may affect business operations.

No Need to Think About it, thinkIT Solutions is the Answer to Your IT Needs 


thinkIT Solutions is a full-service managed IT service provider dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses compete with bigger companies through enterprise-level IT solutions that will not break the company’s budget.

If you are ready to move your IT functions to the cloud through a trusted managed IT service provider, you can contact thinkIT Solutions now at (504) 608-1132 and get a complimentary IT services assessment!

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