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One of the most obvious ways to snare an endpoint system is through phishing emails. It endangers growing businesses that work hard to establish themselves. In 2015, according to an industry report, spearphishing is the number one infection vector, employed by 71% of organized cyber-criminal groups in 2017. The use of zero-day attacks continues to fall out of favor. In fact, only 27% of the 140 targeted attack groups that Symantec tracks have been known to use zero-day vulnerabilities at any point in the past.

What Type of Services Can Your Business Access from thinkIT Solutions?

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We offer a variety of options such as:IT Solutions New Orleans
Protection from spam, malware and phishing scams
Phishing emails are not the lone problem that growing businesses experience with their IT systems. They can also be affected by malware acquired from their smartphones. While some folks may think that innovation only brings good things; it also brings complex changes that they need to manage. Also cited in the Symantec report, threats in the mobile space continue to grow every year. The number of new mobile malware variants increased by 54% in 2017, as compared to 2016. Last year, an average of 24,000 malicious mobile applications were blocked each day. That is why we at thinkIT Solutions can work with you on how to develop a holistic security and maintenance approach that protects your business.
Quick backup and recovery in the event of disaster
Every change in technology, whether it is big data, wireless networks or bring-your-own- device (BYOD) offers another avenue to improve results but also to become potential failure points. A system failure or a small mistake could cost you a huge amount of money.
thinkIT Solutions delivers the data protection and recovery solutions you need at an affordable monthly rate. We will back up all your data remotely, so you can access it in the event of a natural disaster or another major outage.
Office 365 and Outlook support and integration
Having the right tools at your fingertips when you need them most can make all the difference when it comes to staying connected to your team and delivering exceptional customer service. Regardless of your size or industry, Microsoft Office applications—including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—are the tools you use to get things done. And now, with Office 365, you can boost communication and collaboration anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Count on thinkIT Solutions to transform the way you work, in the office and on the go, with Office 365 support. We’ll take care of migration, management and consulting to lower your overall costs while equipping you with all the right tools for success.
Improved uptime and server support
Having a plan in place and advanced IT maintenance at your fingertips leads to an optimized system that serves you better in the long run. We will examine software tools to help you monitor system uptime, which can give you an easy way to report back to your clients on how you are doing meeting their orders and requests.
Let thinkIT help you in every way possible to optimize your systems. Your success is our success. We will take good care of your systems no matter what, so you can focus on your customers, not on IT headaches.
User training and support
IT experts do not just knock on your door, repair your computers and leave. Proper guidance and user training should be applied as well. Human error causes a lot of IT issues. Based on a recent study, 95% of all security incidents include human error. That is what we at thinkIT Solutions are trying to avoid.
ThinkIT Solutions lets you learn more about the technology that you are using. This insures you get the most out of your investment and we will make sure you can leverage that tech to keep your business operating smoothly.

Hosted Email Security by thinkIT Solutions

Email is your main line of communication with your employees, suppliers, and customers, but it is also a big target for unwanted intruders. They utilize social engineering methods to snare businesses. It does not matter if you are big or small. You need an email solution that allows you to send and receive files with the peace of mind every time you hit the send button or open a message that you will not be compromised.
thinkIT Solutions lets you reach out to your clients securely, efficiently and most importantly—with confidence. We will set up robust email systems and help you maximize your investment with the latest tools for streamlining communication and collaboration while keeping it tightly secured.
Is email security just one of your concerns? Contact us for more info on our services!

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