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If you have a small business, then you know how hard it is to compete against larger enterprises in the same industry just because they have better IT infrastructure to support their operations. These large enterprise-level IT systems require significant capital investment because it needs expensive hardware and equipment to build. Besides, you would also need an expert IT staff to manage and maintain it, which will also cost thousands of dollars annually. You don’t have the resources for that. Fortunately, managed cloud hosting services has transformed the information technology landscape. A lot of people consider the cloud the great equalizer. Why? Because it takes the main advantage of big companies in terms of IT assets and makes it reachable to businesses of all sizes.

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Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting – What are Cloud Hosted Solutions?

The cloud is the catch-all word used for services hosted on cloud servers or remote servers on a data center that is accessed and delivered to users via the internet.

Cloud-hosted solutions, on the other hand, are IT services provided by third-party companies that are hosted on their data center servers and are delivered to clients via the world wide web.

The main difference between cloud IT solutions vs on-premise IT systems is that the latter are services delivered as a product, which means it is something bought by the client, while the former are services sold as a service, which means that clients only subscribe to the IT solutions.

It gives smaller businesses access to enterprise-level IT solutions through flexible monthly subscription payments, which can be treated as a recurring expense, rather than to pay for an on-premise system that will cost thousands of dollars immediately, which puts the business in the red from the get-go.

Managed Cloud Hosting – What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosted Services?

Aside from the flexibility it brings to your IT budget, cloud-hosted services also provide several benefits to your business. Some of these benefits are not even enjoyed by big corporations that are still using on-premise IT systems and network.

It includes:

Managed Cloud Hosting Benefit No. 1: A Mobile and Flexible Solution

The main selling point of going to the cloud for IT services is that it is delivered via the internet. It has enormous implications because companies and their workforce are no longer limited by the reach of an on-premise network.

They can access their company’s IT assets from anywhere as long as they have a PC, laptop, or even a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet connected to the internet.

It allows employees to work from anywhere they want, even when they are not in the office. Also, it gives companies the option to hire workers who are not within the vicinity of their office because they can now offer remote working setups. It allows the business access to more talents than they would have if they did not move to the cloud.

Managed Cloud Hosting Benefit No. 2: IT Solutions That Easily Scales Based on the Needs of the Business

With on-premise systems, adding new users mean new workstations with new cabling and some complicated installations. Adding users for a cloud-hosted IT solution, however, is so much easier.

Cloud-hosted providers provide business owners and their IT staff an online account where they can log in and make changes to the service. This includes adding and deleting users and even customizing their level of access.

This way, the solution easily adjusts to the growth of the company. Add new users for expansion or delete old users that have resigned or was terminated. If your business has exceeded the capacity of your current subscription, you can upgrade for more bandwidth.

Managed Cloud Hosting Benefit No. 3: A Secure IT Solution

Cloud-hosted IT providers are in the business of handling systems and data for multiple companies. To give clients peace of mind, they employ the highest level of security available to protect their data centers. As a subscriber, you will also enjoy the same level of protection.

In addition, these providers are also continuously improving their security. The best part is that these new security upgrades and updates are rolled out for all their customers all at once without additional charges.

Managed Cloud Hosting from thinkIT Solutions

If you are a small or medium-sized business owner who is looking for cost-effective IT solutions to keep up with the more prominent players in your industry, thinkIT Solutions have what you need.

We are a full-service IT company that specializes in cloud-hosted IT solutions that will help you increase efficiency and productivity.

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