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Managed IT Near New Orleans

A lot of businesses think that once they bought a system or a tool, it will automatically solve all their problems.

The truth, however, is that tools, systems, and technology, in general, are only as good as the people using it.

If your staff do not have the expertise and knowledge to use the technology, then your business will not be able to maximize it to its full potential.

For enterprises, the solution is to hire expert IT staff with experience managing these tools and systems. As a small business, however, you do not have the budget to make additional hires, let alone an expensive IT specialist.

Fortunately, you can augment your IT staff with expert help through co-managed IT services in New Orleans and other parts of the country.

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Why You Need Co-Managed IT Services

Your trusted managed service provider can take on and fully mage your IT services for businesses. However, not all organizations want that setup.

Some businesses, even small ones, want to have their own IT staff manage their own resources. But there are times when they know that their current staff is in over their heads, and that is when they require assistance from a trusted managed service provider.

Managed IT in New Orleans

Scenarios where businesses may require co-managed IT services include:

Co-Managed IT in New Orleans – Reason No. 1: Having Inexperienced staff

A lot of smaller organizations are able to operate with one or two IT professionals on board, especially small mom and pop shops. After all, their IT requirements are not so technical or high-level that even a small inexperienced IT staff are able to handle it.

However, as businesses grow, they may find themselves in a position where their internal staff cannot handle the given challenge presented.

What the organization can do is to hire the services of a trusted managed service provider for additional manpower and expertise.

This way, the in-house IT staff can continue handling the routine daily IT needs of the business while the managed service provider handle the high-level support for the issues that the internal staff is not equipped for.

This is also a more affordable option than hiring a high-level IT professional full-time.

Co-Managed IT in New Orleans – Reason No. 2: Having an Overworked Staff

There are plenty of reasons why IT staff can be overworked and it is especially true for small businesses. It can be due to seasonal swings where demand can be higher compared to other times of the year. It can also be the rapid growth of the company where the IT staff is supporting more users in an expanded operation where they are stretched too thin.

Whatever the reasons are, overworked IT teams also means less than effective IT teams.

While the obvious solution is to hire more people to expand your IT staff, this will also mean more money to spend. And if the high work demand is only seasonal or if the growth is not yet sustainable, your business instead may end up with a bigger staff than what is needed.

A good solution is to turn to your managed service provider for additional IT manpower. This way, you only pay for the services you need. Once the workload goes back to normal and is at a level that your IT staff can handle without being overworked, you can stop bringing in the additional help.

This way, you are not stuck with an IT manpower that you don’t need.

Co-Managed IT in New Orleans – Reason No. 3: Having No Expertise in New Tools or Systems

Yes, your internal IT staff can handle most of the daily IT tasks, but when it comes to rolling out and implementing a new system, they may be in over their heads.

A good example is system migration from on-premise systems to the cloud. You do not want just anybody to do the migration for you. There are lots of risks involved including possible data loss, incompatible applications, and lost security patches.

This is something that a run of the mill IT staff cannot handle. What you want is expert and experienced specialists handling delicate and potentially disastrous tasks like this.

This is where co-managed IT services come in. Your managed service provider can handle these high-level IT initiatives like migration. From planning to implementation while also providing user and admin training and documentation.

This way, once the system is migrated. The responsibility of managing the system can again fall on the internal IT staff while the managed service provider can step in for high-level support.

thinkIT Solutions – Full and Co-Managed IT Services for Business

thinkIT Solutions is a Managed IT Service Provider based in New Orleans. We can fully manage or co-manage your IT infrastructure including networks, servers, security, data backup and recovery, and other IT initiatives for your business.

We will work with your IT staff based on the needs of your organization. For more information, you can call thinkIT Solutions at (504) 608-1132!

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