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What is Managed IT Services?

Due to lack of enough IT resources, some small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not able to properly manage their respective IT environments. But due to their IT environments being the communications backbone of their day-to-day operations, they seek out outside assistance from a managed service provider (MSP). An MSP will be the main in charge of all the complex network management and monitoring tasks that keep IT environments smoothly running.

Here are some of the benefits to an SMB when they hire an MSP:

How Managed IT Service Benefits SMBs?

1: Cost Reduction

New Orleans Managed IT Services

Relying on IT systems management to in-house IT specialists can be expensive, especially for SMBs. You will not just need to allot a budget for labor wages, but internally managing IT systems will also force you to spend capital expenditure on up-to-date technologies. In addition, you will also need to invest in intensive staff training courses for your in-house IT team for them to keep up with best IT industry practices.

By outsourcing services to an MSP, you will be able to avoid all these operational costs. An MSP will just charge you with a recurring service fee that you will need to pay in a regular basis. This enables you to get network management and monitoring services that is specifically tailored to meet your business’ individual IT requirements.

2: Access to Well-Trained IT Specialists

To ensure that they can provide you with excellent IT services, MSPs heavily invest in extensive training courses for their IT specialists. This gives them deeper technical expertise with current IT industry standards that they can utilize when managing client networks.

With this approach, a business will be able to guarantee that their whole IT infrastructure are being watched over by well-trained and highly qualified IT staff that have enough knowledge and resources to maintain an optimal network stability.

3: 24/7 IT Systems Management and Monitoring

The outstanding quality of IT service is the most important value an MSP can provide to their clients. Their tech teams will watch over your IT environment continuously every day and will guarantee that it receives the right software updates and security patches. An around-the-clock service is important as IT problems are unpredictable. With highly skilled IT specialists that are actively managing your whole IT infrastructure, future tech issues can be resolved before you even notice them.

4: Access to New Technology

MSPs have enough resources for them to quickly integrate to their systems the newest technologies and management solutions available. By using innovative solutions, they can provide you with best-in-class managed IT services that will fulfill all your network management and monitoring requirements.

Qualities of a Reliable MSP

Here are some of the best qualities a reliable MSP possesses:

1: Proactive Management

Reliable MSPs don’t just wait for a tech issue to come up, but they set up extensive strategies and solutions that can prevent this to happen in the first place. They achieve this by providing their clients with a proactive management technique. This guarantees that your IT environment is up-to-date and well-secured against potential IT issues that cause network failures that can be very expensive to fix.

2: Outstanding History

Another quality of a reliable MSP is a reputable company background. Reliable MSPs are those companies that have received positive reviews and response from their former and present clients. They are also those providers that has not suffer any issue that causes the interest of their clients to be jeopardized.

3: Great Customer Service

One of the best qualities of a reliable MSP is that it provides you with a customer service that you can reach out any time of the day. Technical disruptions such as network downtime can occur at any time. With that, reliable MSPs set up ways to guarantee that their clients will be able to reach out to a highly qualified representative that can help them address issues any time of the day.

4: Topnotch Data Security

Data security is one of the top concerns of every business. Reliable MSPs have enough IT resources to set up a comprehensive network security strategy that will guarantee the protection of all your business data. With this, cybercriminals and other data security threats will not be able to easily infiltrate your IT infrastructure and compromise your data.

thinkIT Solutions: Managed IT New Orleans

thinkIT Solutions is full-service Information Technology company that New Orleans-based businesses can reach out to. By subscribing to their managed IT services, your company will be able to experience strategic IT management service that gives you access to industry-specific solutions. This guarantees to help boost operational efficiencies as well as enhance network protection.

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