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Managed IT Service Providers in New Orleans

Information technology is vital to any business. Whether you are a big enterprise or a small mom-and-pop shop, IT solutions are what can take your business to the next level.

The difference between big enterprises and small businesses is that the former has the money and the resources to address their need for top-tier IT services. In addition, they are also able to hire top IT specialists to implement the solutions for their businesses.

Fortunately, managed IT service providers in New Orleans and other parts of the country are able to fill this need for smaller businesses. They are able to address the two main challenges smaller companies face when it comes to IT solutions, which are limited budget and knowledge gap.

 Providing Affordable IT Solutions for Small Business

Your trusted managed IT service provider (MSP) can help you migrate to the cloud for your IT needs. Cloud services refer to any IT service that is made available on demand through the Internet from the MSP’s cloud-hosted servers instead of having it in your own office.

Instead of buying and installing servers to host your IT needs, what you can do is subscribe to your MSP for your cloud computing needs. No more large capital investment for expensive IT hardware, just reasonable monthly fees for using the service.

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Managed IT Service Providers in New Orleans

Filling the IT Knowledge Gap for Small Business

The adoption of the cloud through your MSP addresses the problem of a limited budget. What you do not know is that it also solves the second problem, which is the lack of IT knowledge.

It is easy to say to small businesses that they should move to the cloud, but without expert help, they may end up with a set up that is not ideal for their business.

A trusted MSP should be able to provide the expert IT knowledge and advise your business on what are its best options.

Full-Control or Co-Managed IT Services (Full or Partial Cloud Migration)

If your business wants full control of your servers and has the IT manpower to manage it on your own, you can opt for full cloud migration. In this setup, your business is basically just renting out the servers from your MSP and their role is strictly maintaining and securing the servers for your business. In this set up you can choose what to do to your cloud servers as you will even as far as what operating system to run.

If you have no IT staff or have one that is not equipped to handle a large-scale IT infrastructure, you can go for a co-managed IT service. It combines your existing network, which is familiar to you, with the benefits of cloud computing. In this part, you have your IT staff managing things on your end while an expert IT staff is managing your cloud servers in coordination with your business.

There is not one option better than the other, it is a matter of deciding which one will work for your business.

Managed IT Service Providers in New Orleans – Other IT Services

Aside from cloud migration, monitoring, and management, your trusted MSP can also provide you with other IT services like:

Data Backup and Recovery – Your MSP can automate the backup of your important data on a separate cloud server. In the event that the original data is lost or damaged, your backup copy can be easily retrieved for data recovery.

Data and Network Security – Your MSP should have a multi-layer security approach in protecting both your data and the network it travels in. Strong security measures like encryption and multi-level authentication should be implemented as part of its proactive approach to security.

Vendor Management – Your MSP can also help you deal with third party providers and vendors by providing a system where you can have all the vendor information you need from contact to contracts in one dashboard.

Technical Support – Your MSP can also serve as your business’ personal helpdesk. If you and any of your employees experience any technical difficulties, they should be able to contact your MSP for remote assistance and if needed, on-site service.

thinkIT Solutions Understands Your Business IT Needs

thinkIT Solutions is a full-service IT provider that aims to help small businesses with any and all aspects of their computing needs. From the initial assessment of current IT needs to implementation of IT solutions, you can expect best-in-class technology and best-in-class service to help you achieve your business goals.

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