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The meaning of Managed IT Services suggests different things to different people. It can involve cloud services, hardware repair, software installation, white hat hacking, or endpoint systems solutions, among many other possibilities.

Managed IT Services

Cloud Managed Services – A Definition

One of the services under the umbrella of Managed IT Services is Cloud services. Cloud Managed Services is just another name given to Managed IT Services operating via the cloud. Most businesses use computers these days, but not all of them are equipped to effectively handle these machines on their own. Businesses often seek out the assistance of cloud managed services to handle tasks like network management, in-house service desk management, and patch management.

Cloud Managed Services is a proven approach and is one of the most progressive markets within the realm of Managed IT Services. The cloud storage market size, in general, is expected to grow from USD 30.70 billion in 2017 to USD 88.91 billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.7%. This only proves that many businesses and individual users are switching to this innovation in the IT industry. There is a promising future for emerging cloud-based Managed IT Services ahead.

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Managed IT Services Improves the Entire Endpoint Environment

Many small non-IT focused businesses may think that Managed IT Services is something just about anybody can perform. In reality, there are areas of Managed IT Services that require an even more knowledgeable person on those matters than the average IT worker. Outsourcing their Managed IT Services can moderate future damages if the service provider has the personnel with the necessary skills to capably deliver these services.

An outsourced Managed IT Services Provider can offer small businesses specialized and customized solutions to keep their businesses running smoothly. Because even small programs can interrupt business operations when not patched properly it is essential that a Managed Service provider do the job for you to keep everything working properly in the background.

When the outsourced Managed IT Services Provider offers efficient solutions, businesses can often be spared from experiencing data breaches. For instance, in 2017, The WannaCry Ransomware attack left hackers with control of more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries. They targeted a weakness in the outdated software, and many businesses that paid the ransom did not report receiving their data back. Meanwhile, Equifax took three months to discover a breach in their systems that compromised the sensitive data of 145 million consumers. Avoid these horrible situations with the help of your trusted outsourced Managed IT Services Provider.

Common Managed IT Services Pricing Models

Outsourced Managed IT Services can reflect one of several specific pricing models for each type of service offered by the provider. When the provider states their prices, you can also have the freedom to choose the services and budget. You might also discover more about your priorities. Here are the three types of pricing model most common in the market today:

  • Per-user pricing. The Managed IT Services definition of price can be a fixed rate for each user, accommodating users who use multiple devices. This model is well suited to a highly mobile workforce that may use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Per-device pricing. The Managed IT Services definition of price can be a fixed rate for every device under management. You might choose this model when you only have a few gadgets or equipment to maintain. There’s no need to splurge when you don’t need it.
  • All-inclusive pricing. Clients compare this to a buffet because The Managed IT Services definition of price can be a flat fee for all the IT infrastructure support and management services the MSP plans to offer. This approach works efficiently when you already have an established relationship with the Managed IT Services provider.


Understanding how Managed IT Services are defined can help you to consider switching to more advanced technology. A managed service provider (MSP) should be able to provide the expertise seek. If you are curious, check out thinkIT Solutions. We are a full-service Information Technology management firm.

At thinkIT Solutions, the cloud allows your business easy access to data and software to run your business anytime, anywhere. thinkIT Solutions has provided information technology services in the New Orleans area since 2001. We believe that businesses of every size, in all industries, deserve IT services of the highest quality. We work 24/7 to insure the safety of our clients.

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