Managed IT Services in New Orleans

The importance of a robust IT network to support the demands of a business is more important than ever. The problem, however, is that only big companies have the resources to build IT infrastructures that can help them compete in their respective markets.

Fortunately, small businesses no longer need to build and maintain their own IT infrastructure anymore. With managed IT services in New Orleans and other parts of the US, you get an extended IT staff that can handle part or all the IT needs of your business.

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What is Managed IT Services for Your Business?

In the past, small businesses had to rely on third-party professionals when they need something fixed. The setup is that when something is broken, the professionals are called to fix the problem. There are no preventive measures and the professional has no incentive to make long-term solutions because that would also mean they will not be getting much business anymore.

In addition, you also have to depend on the professional’s availability. If they are unavailable, the IT problem will persist and can snowball to more problems.

That is what separates managed IT service providers (MSP) from other third-party professionals. Managed IT services not only fixes problems but manages and maintains specific IT functions for the business. They provide consistent service and builds a relationship with your company. They are invested in keeping your IT functions secure and always up and running.

It’s like having an extended IT team that is always available for your business.

What IT Functions Can You Outsource to MSPs?

You can outsource any IT function to your trusted managed IT service provider, including:

IT Function No. 1: Cloud Migration

Whether you want to move your whole network to the cloud or just part of it, you want it to happen as seamlessly as possible. A good MSP should be able to determine your cloud readiness before planning and executing the migration. This should ensure that minimal problems are faced during the move to the cloud.

IT Function No. 2: Cloud Network Administration

Whether you have your whole network migrated to the cloud or just part of it, you still do not want your IT staff to focus solely on the demands of monitoring and maintaining your cloud-hosted network. That is why you have to have top-class MSPs who employ expert-level IT specialists to handle the maintenance of your cloud network. This way, your IT staff can focus on campaigns that will improve the bottom line of the company.

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IT Function No. 3: Network Security

Aside from monitoring and management of your cloud IT network, you want an MSP that makes data and network security a high priority. Ensure that your MSP can provide constant monitoring and regular reports about the state of your network. In addition, there should be notifications for maintenance and detected security threats. Last, there should be a pro-active approach where cyber threat prevention is as important as addressing current threats.

IT Function No. 4: Data Backup and Recovery

Another IT facet that you should consider outsourcing is data backup and recovery. This goes hand-in-hand with network security when you are serious about protecting important and sensitive data. With a reputable MSP, you can automate and customize how your data is being backed up so that in the event that a data is lost or damaged, you can simply pull the backup copy and resume operations.

IT Function No. 5: Helpdesk and Technical Support

When you and your team are having hardware and software issues, it is nice to know that they can call for reliable and expert help on the spot, unlike traditional IT technicians where you need to wait until they are available. In addition, it is also in their best interest to keep your business operations running by ensuring all IT concerns are dealt with quickly and the right way.

Remember, MSPs want a long-term relationship with your business so it is in their best interest to keep your network running as smooth as possible.

thinkIT Solutions 

If you are interested in any of the IT services above or if you have other computing needs in mind, do not hesitate to call thinkIT Solutions. We are a full-service managed IT service provider that has helped countless small and medium-scale businesses set up enterprise-level setups at a fraction of the cost of building the IT infrastructure themselves.

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