Managed It Solutions in New Orleans

Every organization wants to save money. Unfortunately, a lot of smaller organizations choose to cut back on IT. It is either they cannot afford to build a powerful and robust network and systems, or they cannot afford to hire a capable IT staff.The problem is that IT services are very important to the success of companies. Cutting back on IT can lead to more problems in the future.

Fortunately, there are managed IT solutions in New Orleans and in every state in the US that can provide high-caliber IT solutions without the high price tag.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a fully managed or a co-managed IT setup with your chosen provider.

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Managed It Solutions in New Orleans

Definition of Managed IT Solutions

Managed IT services refers to IT services that are provided by third-party IT companies. These third-party providers assume control of specific IT functions like network monitoring and maintenance, technical support, database hosting, application hosting and more.

This is an ideal setup for small and medium-sized businesses that either lack a robust IT infrastructure, a formal IT team, or both. Instead of building your own IT infrastructure-which requires large capital investment-or instead of hiring an IT staff that will cost hundreds of thousands annually, you can just pay a monthly subscription fee to your trusted managed service provider.

When to Opt for Co-Managed IT services

While managed IT services are perfect for smaller organizations that have no powerful network or in-house IT staff, not all small and medium-sized businesses are in the same situation.

There will be times that they do have a good IT infrastructure but there are certain IT aspects that their network cannot handle. There could also be cases where the company has a competent IT staff that has the knowledge and expertise to handle day-to-day IT operations but are not equipped for projects and campaigns that need specialized IT manpower.

This is where a co-managed setup will come in handy. Instead of being your full-time IT services provider, your managed IT service provider will be there to augment your current IT capacity with their own expertise.

For example, you can have your current IT infrastructure support the day-to-day operations of your company, but have your managed service provider to handle the data backup process.

You can also have your current IT team handle all regular IT tasks but have your managed service provider manage the adaption of new high-level business solutions including system and database migration.

Co-managed IT services is a collaborative setup between you and your managed service provider. Instead of aiming to replace your current IT staff or IT infrastructure, you augment or supplement it instead.

Benefits of Using Managed IT Solutions in New Orleans

By going to the co-managed IT services route, your organization will enjoy benefits like:

Lower IT Costs

You only pay for what you use. Managed service providers usually charge clients flexible monthly fees that cover the agreed upon IT services. This gives your organization gives you the flexibility to treat it as a recurring expense instead of a large capital investment. Besides, if you do not need their services anymore, you can cancel anytime.

Increased Productivity

By outsourcing some of the IT functions to a trusted managed service provider, you are freeing up a lot of your IT staff’s time. This allows them to cover more IT tasks that are essential to the day-to-day operations of the company. They will also have more time to pursue campaigns and projects that can make the lives of your workforce easier.

Fewer Downtimes

Whether your IT staff or your managed service provider is the one managing most of your IT assets, it will lead to fewer downtimes. Why? Because both parties will not be overburdened of having to take care of every IT function. Your IT staff and your managed service provider spread the work around, which means the maintenance of the IT assets will not fall on the wayside.

Increased Security

Managed service providers are in the business of handling IT assets for multiple clients. Because of this, they have to implement the highest level of security as possible. By outsourcing some of your IT functions to a trusted managed service provider, you will be enjoying the same level of security and best practices.

Managed It Solutions in New Orleans from thinkIT Solutions

thinkIT Solutions is a full-service IT provider based on New Orleans that aims to provide businesses flexible IT solutions that solves their IT needs.

Whether you are interested in fully outsourcing your IT functions or looking for a co-managed IT service setup, we got you covered.

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