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Do you need better IT Support? Thought about perhaps using Managed IT support services from a third party to fill the gaps in how you handle your IT management? Your IT arrangement might perform well but your company needs to keep up a rapidly changing technology landscape. IT experts have their own focus of study. You might have general IT coverage but not a cloud computing expert. This is where Managed IT support services come in handy. Experts in cloud computing and cybersecurity can help you weigh your options in adding Managed IT support services in to your pool of available resources.

At thinkIT Solutions, we want to provide you with a bunch of good reasons to collaborate with us. Consider:

Cost Effectiveness and Return on Investment

The cost savings associated with Managed IT support services are considerable. This fact has an incredible amount of business value, but many business owners are unaware of just how to engage these services. It is the job of the Managed IT support services provider to control outgoing expenses and increase ROI to their clients. An IT budget consists of many items, including hardware costs, software and network infrastructure, maintenance costs, and IT labor.

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Managed IT Support ServicesContinuous Reliable IT Operations

This is a critical goal of all businesses, regardless of their size, and a good reason to consider Managed IT support services. Business owners want consistent, reliable Managed IT support services that will not sacrifice their budget. This is controlled through consistent monthly billing under a variety of service plan options to meet budgetary requirements.

Working with an outsourced Managed IT support services provider gives businesses more support than just having limited experts within their own team. Most businesses using Managed IT support services describe their partnership with their provider as a collaborative arrangement with their internal or local IT resource. It improves their productivity and technology because there is a second perspective in dealing with their maintenance and strategy for larger projects or specialized needs. When you hire a Managed IT support services provider, it not only ensures you have a team of IT experts to help resolve any issues or concerns but also to be able to benefit from having access to the latest and greatest technology and innovative business grade solutions. Examples of these technologies are remote monitoring and management (RMM), backup and disaster recovery (BDR), and cloud computing.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Nowadays, equipment and devices such as tablets, operating systems, servers, smartphones, laptops, and many others store and transmit data, making them potential breach points from a security standpoint. Based on a recent study, 7 out of 10 organizations say their security risk increased significantly in 2017. Because of the malware attack news which grows daily, more and more business owners are now aware of the great possibility that they can fall victim to cybercriminals. Statistics also showed that 54% of companies experienced one or more successful attacks that breached or stole data and damaged their IT infrastructure.

It is not only the malware attack news that can cause concern for business owners but also compliance. This applies to the healthcare and legal industries, where compliance is a major concern. For these folks it is important to work with a provider that is compliant with their industry regulations.

thinkIT Solutions for Better Collaboration

Businesses seeking improvements rely on Managed IT support services for a better future — specifically when it comes to their IT. Staying competitive and turning a profit relies on having the right technology and support at the right time.

Leverage your endpoint system using thinkIT Solutions’ Managed IT support services. Collaborate with us to complement your in-house IT. We will help them with assessing, designing, implementing, and manage your technology both on-premise and off-site.

Optimize your entire IT operation with thinkIT Solutions! Contact us right now for more information.

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