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thinkIT Solutions – a Managed Service Provider for New Orleans Offers Data Backup and Recovery Solutions to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs)
Data breaches and cyber-attacks happen are on the rise, however many SMBs don’t believe they are at risk, with 59% thinking that their information would be of little value to cybercriminals. On the other hand, TechRepublic reported that a single hack could end up costing from $82,000 to $256,000. Even if an SMB has the resources to recover their losses, reputational damage and lost customer trust could be the final straw that shuts the business down. Cyber threats cost much more than money, and SMBs need to take these risks seriously.

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Why is Data Recovery important?

One of the main aspects of data recovery is the ability to recover from a disaster, whether natural or man-made. Disaster recovery backup planning helps a business to immediately recover from a hardware or site outage by failing over to another copy of data in a near-consistent state. In the event of hardware, software, or site failure, applications are brought online at a secondary site within a short period of time to maintain business operations. Once the primary location is back online, applications and data are typically restored back to the primary location.

What Benefits Will I Obtain with Data Backup and Recovery Solutions?

At thinkIT Solutions, we believe that every business should have a Plan B whenever you are working on strategy, and IT strategy should be no different. Here are some of the top benefits that accrue from employing a data recovery solution:

# 1: Easy access to backup files in case of emergency

thinkIT Solutions practices preventive measures to avoid problems down the line. If an incident does occur where your files are lost or stolen, we will help you retrieve them using the backup files we stored for safe keeping.

# 2: Minimized downtime in the event of system failure

Having a recovery plan and advance IT maintenance at your fingertips leads to an optimized IT system that will serve you better over the long haul. We employ software tools to help you monitor system uptime, which can give you an easy way to report back to your clients on how you are doing on fulfilling your business obligations with your customers.
Let thinkIT Solutions help you to optimize your systems. Your success is our success. We will take good care of your systems come rain or shine.

# 3: Hassle-free compliance with legal regulations

thinkIT Solutions know that businesses have legal and regulatory obligations to fulfill. We will insure your insights on specific regulations are combined with our industry knowledge and experience in development of your IT security strategy. No matter what business you are in we will make sure you can comply with applicable regs and can pass the audits when the time comes.

# 4: Support for cloud migrations

We first examine your systems and files to insure a smooth cloud migration. There are some systems that are compatible with certain software hence support for cloud migrations is highly recommended.

# 5: 24/7 monitoring and threat detection

Threats can happen at any time. Some business owners are shocked to discover that virus infections in their systems happened months ago without them knowing. Proactive monitoring and threat detection need to be part of your defense strategy. Also, security patches need to be applied on a timely basis.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions by thinkIT Solutions

Think about it, every shift in technology— whether it is big data, high speed wireless networks, or bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) —is another potential security issue. A system failure or small mistake could cost you big time.
thinkIT Solutions delivers the data protection and recovery solutions you need at an affordable monthly rate. We’ll back up all your data remotely, so you can access it in the event of a natural disaster or other major outage.
Data protection is within your reach. Just contact us for more information on how we can optimize your IT today.

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