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With growing technology needs, some SMBs cannot manage their IT infrastructure on their own. To guarantee the health and status of their IT environments, what they do is outsource IT services from a managed service provider (MSP). Their provider will be in charge of delivering outstanding network management services and technical support to the IT systems of an SMB.

Here are some key importance of a managed services model to your daily business operations:

Managed Services Model

The Importance of Managed Services Model to Your Business

1: Innovative Technology
When you subscribe to a managed services model, you will have access to innovative technology. An MSP allows your business to gain access to a range of cutting-edge tools and solutions. These technologies are what your provider will use to manage your IT infrastructure.

With these innovative tools and solutions, you can guarantee optimal network stability. MSPs also guarantee that their technologies are tested and certified by accredited IT organizations.  This gives businesses the assurance that only high-grade tools will be used in keeping their IT infrastructures operational.

2: Well-trained IT Staff
MSPs also give businesses access to a team of well-trained IT staff. By subscribing to a managed services model, you can guarantee that only qualified technical specialists will take over your network management.

As a company that offers managed IT services, MSPs assure that they hire highly qualified IT professionals to do the job. They even provide their technical specialists with regular IT training courses. These enable them to meet the growing IT requirements of their clients.

3: High-grade Network Protection
MSPs do not just keep your IT systems running. They also take the responsibility of keeping your business IT infrastructure secure.

Your company network stores a range of sensitive business data. All these files and information are imperative in your day-to-day operations. MSPs know this. That is why they set up strategic security plans that are tailored for your IT needs. These security strategies keep your IT environment safe and protected from possible cybersecurity threats.

4: Round-the-clock IT Support
MSPs provide their clients with a guaranteed 24/7 IT support. By subscribing to a managed services model, you can ensure that a technical specialist is always monitoring your IT infrastructure.

Also, 24/7 IT support allows your MSP to act fast once a tech issue is spotted. With a qualified technical specialist always available, your provider can take immediate action to quickly resolve future issues. With this, your provider help prevents prolonged network downtimes or worse system failures.

5: Efficient Disaster Recovery Plan
An MSP also takes intensive measures to help you prevent expensive IT disasters. With that said, MSPs provide businesses with an efficient disaster recovery plan. This allows all your business data to be backed up in a secure remote database. Your provider will manage, monitor, and keep this remote database secure.

With data backup, your provider mitigates the risks of losing valuable business files and information. Having data backup is useful in instances of natural disasters or data breaches. With an efficient disaster recovery plan, your provider can retrieve all your data back to your IT systems. This allows you to maintain business continuity.

6: Minimized Costs
Managing your own IT infrastructure can be expensive. Some businesses do not even have enough resources for it. When you can manage your own IT infrastructure, you need to allow budget for the purchase of up-to-date network management tools and solutions. This is on top of the in-house IT systems management team that you need to hire.

When you tap the services of an MSP, they will provide you with all the IT functions you need. They will do these tasks in exchange of recurring service charges. These fees are much lower in comparison with the costs of internally managing your own IT infrastructure. These service charges will cover everything you need in terms of network management. These include equipment, solutions, professional fees, and other additional IT costs.

ThinkIT Solutions – Managed Services Model

If you are planning to adopt a managed services model into your business operations, check out thinkIT Solutions. It is a full-service IT management firm that has been providing top-quality services since 2001. thinkIT Solutions strives to find long-term and strategic solutions that help you solve your biggest IT challenges.

When looking for an MSP that provides high-quality IT services, reach out to thinkIT Solutions at (504) 608-1132!



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