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Managed Services New Orleans

In the past, small businesses had little to no resources to compete against bigger companies when it comes to IT solutions and services. These enterprise-level solutions are hosted in top-notch IT infrastructure and servers that require large capital investment upfront.

Small and medium-sized businesses just do not have the money for that type of level of infrastructure. That is why they settle for inferior setups that is prone to failures.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case. There are now IT companies offering managed services in New Orleans and other parts of the US that can take on IT needs with expert-level precision and performance that you only expect from enterprise-level IT systems.

These managed service providers (MSP) can act as your own IT team and help your own IT staff in managing your IT assets. They can also provide industry-specific solutions to help your business improve workflows and operations.

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Managed Services New Orleans

Enterprise-Level IT Support, Solution and Managed Services for Small Businesses

With that said, what services and solution can you expect from your trusted MSP? Well, you could outsource almost any IT needs you have.

In fact, here are some of the most common IT services offered by your trusted MSP:

IT Solution No. 1: Cloud Migration

The cloud is the great equalizer of the IT world. As said, the main advantage of big corporations is that they have the resources to spend on building their own high-level IT network or infrastructure.

The cloud, however, changed everything. After all, why buy and build your own infrastructure that cost thousands of dollars when you can just subscribe to one. For a manageable monthly fee, you can have access to enterprise-level IT infrastructure with reliable and secure servers for hosting your files and applications. You have the option to move your whole network or part of it to the cloud with a co-managed IT setup.

 IT Solution No. 2: Network Monitoring and Management

You don’t want your IT staff focusing all their time on monitoring the network when they can be spending it doing more productive things that can actually help your business generate more income.

That is why you outsource it to your trusted MSP who can have an expert IT specialist continuously monitoring your network and infrastructure. With 24/7 monitoring, you get a proactive approach to your network management. Instead of waiting for some critical issue to happen then troubleshoot it, your MSP will always be on the lookout for possible issues that can disrupt your business operations.

IT Solution No. 3: Network and Server Security

It may seem counterproductive to entrust the security of your network to a third party but it is actually more effective than doing it on your own. Like any enterprise-level IT network, it needs high-level security measures that smaller businesses do not have the resources for.

MSPs, on the other hand, is in the business of protecting private business networks and servers for customers. This involves the implementation of multi-level security measures that includes prevention, automatic response to immediate threats, and emergency response to critical threats.

IT Solution No. 4: Data Backup and Recovery

Your business and customer data are very important. If it gets lost or damaged, it can have a massive effect on your business operations. In extreme cases, companies can even go out of business and even get into legal trouble for losing important information.

That is why it is important that you ask your trusted MSP about their data backup and recovery service. This involves the automation of data backup into a separate cloud server. In the event that a data or file is lost or damaged, the backup copy can be accessed by the business from anywhere via the Internet. This minimizes the effect of the lost or damaged data so that it does not disrupt operations.

IT Solution No. 5: Industry Specific Solutions

Whatever industry your business is operating in like health, retail, manufacturing, or legal, your MSP can help with solutions tailored for how your business operates. In addition, your MSP can also help you keep your company in compliance with various federal regulations and industry standards.

thinkIT Solution – Your Trusted Managed Service Provider

If you think your business can use any of the services mentioned above or if you have other computing requirements that you want to be addressed, thinkIT Solutions got you covered.

Think IT Solutions is a full-service IT company dedicated to helping small businesses compete against the giants in their industries.

For more information call (504) 608-1132.

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