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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) implement different managed service rates depending on their client’s needs. It helps their clients to test out their various services and save costs in the long run by finding the perfect fit for their needs.

Even if the managed service rates can be compared, there are no standard rates or agreement on how much one specific service should cost. It is both an advantage to the MSPs and clients to explore the options and coverage available in the market.

The Managed Services Rates of Different MSPs

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As we mentioned earlier, there are no standard rates, but the managed service rates will depend on the pricing model the MSP chooses to employ. Through the pricing models, the enterprise can compare their current managed service provider to other pricing models. The pricing models state how much and how often a client can avail themselves of the MSP’s services (up to unlimited in some models). Also, the pricing model can show the scope and limitations in every repair or maintenance they will perform. Here are some of the common models in the market today:

Managed Service Rates

Managed Services Rate # 1: The Monitoring Only Pricing Model

This is a very affordable, bare minimum option that businesses could obtain. Managed service providers will only monitor specific parts of a client’s IT infrastructure and alert clients should issues arise. The managed service provider can offer services for extra fees when repair or maintenance is required. Some managed service providers call this a modified break/fix model, and there is no proactive resolution or added value to the offered service. Needless to say, it does leave some vulnerabilities uncovered.

Managed Services Rate # 2: Tiered Pricing Model

Businesses must examine their needs and requirements carefully before signing up for any managed services rates pricing model including a tiered model. Offering multiple tiers though can cause a prospect to choose the cheapest option, instead of focusing on the best service possible fit to need and budget. Be cautious about low price point options and make sure you secure enough coverage to meet your business needs.

Managed Services Rate # 3: A La Carte Pricing Model

This is a buildable service plan because the businesses can customize and optimize their IT maintenance depending upon what they need. There is a trade-off for the freedom of a la carte services, though. The businesses can get into more complicated IT issues and their current a la carte pricing model can fall short on resolving the issues. Hence, the a la carte pricing model while expensive and flexible, may still have gaps depending upon the options selected. This can lead to a lengthy negotiation between the business and the managed service provider to discuss each of the a la carte services.

The Managed Services Rates of Different MSPs # 4: Valued-Based Pricing Model

This is the total opposite of a la carte. This allows the enterprise to use all of the offered services without additional managed services rates. This is one all of the smartest decision that an enterprise can purchase as it can also resolve unknown and future issues in the whole endpoint environment. The managed service provider will do all necessary diagnostics and guidance to make sure the system is on point. The costing per individual enterprise is often not disclosed. The enterprises just need to call the nearest MSPs in their area and try to negotiate with this pricing model. The meetings process can take a while but the reward and sustainability of a flat-fee model can be well worth it for both parties.

Managed Services Rate # 5: Per Device Pricing Model

This can also be compared to the a la carte services, but this model focuses on specific devices instead, and is often a great option. The client pays for a fixed rate for each device or equipment they are using. This may apply to more complex equipment that needs special attention and generally makes sure all devices are covered.

Managed Services Rates # 6: Per-User Pricing Model

This model is another great choice in terms of pricing models. This model focuses on the users instead. The number of users requiring managed service providers on the client network is measured against the number of devices on the network. Each user may have multiple devices and this pricing model can be quite cost-effective. The service level of agreement (SLA) can be easily understood and can be adjusted. It also does not matter how many devices a person has. For highly mobile workforces with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops this can be an excellent choice.

thinkIT Solutions Provides Options

thinkIT Solutions is willing to collaborate with any business that is searching for new IT service options. With all those managed services rates, you can definitely ask us what might be most compatible for your business – you can try and compare. We are open to sit down and chat to ensure the quality and quantity of services you’ll receive suits your business.

Don’t hesitate to give us a contact us anytime. Trust thinkIT Solutions and experience a better IT environment!

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