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Microsoft Office 365 Support – Support for Your Shift to Microsoft’s Productivity Suite

More and more businesses are going the Office 365 direction instead of the traditional installation of productivity apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in local computers. After all, it is more convenient to access the productivity suite in the cloud when all you need is your laptop or computer and a reliable and stable internet connection.

The problem, however, is that implementing any change in a business setup can be challenging. You are basically changing the way your workforce does their daily tasks and it will take an adjustment. Yes, it will all be for the better, but it does not take away the fact that there will be struggles and stumbles along the way.

Microsoft Office 365 Support

Fortunately, your trusted managed service provider can provide you with expert Microsoft Office 365 Support.

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Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 to Your Business

There are several benefits to shifting to Microsoft Office 365, but it will depend on the plan level you get. Generally, however, you will get the following benefits:

Access to Microsoft Office Apps – As said above, your business and its users will be able to access different Microsoft Office Apps including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You will also get MS Access but only on PCs and laptops and not on mobile devices.
Access to Microsoft Exchange – In addition to Office Apps, your business will also get access to Microsoft’s business-class email service. Aside from being an effective email client, it can also serve as a central hub for different functions including task management, contacts management, and calendar.
Access to Microsoft Teams – This is Microsoft’s answer to team messaging and team collaboration apps like Slack and Glip. It is a unified communications application that provides online meetings, file storage and sharing, and application integration aside from its main team chat function.
Access to One Drive – This is the cloud storage component of Microsoft Office 365. Your business and its users that have access to this cloud application will have the benefit of storing and sharing files to colleagues instantly. In fact, multiple people can work on the same file or document at the same time for real-time collaboration.

These are just some of the benefits your business will get by shifting to Microsoft Office 365. Of course, each plan will have different inclusions, and the higher plans will have the best functionalities.

The next step of your journey is the actual move to Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Support from A Trusted Managed Service Provider

Now that you have decided to shift to Office 365, it is time to turn to your trusted managed service provider for assistance and solutions that will make the move much easier and with less to zero downtimes involved.

Your managed service provider can actually provide the following Microsoft Office 365 Support:

Assessing Microsoft Office 365 Readiness Assessment

Your provider should be able to assess your readiness to shift to the Office 365 platform. Whether you are moving from other platforms like on-premise Exchange Servers, or from competitor platforms like Google for Work, your managed service provider should be able to tell you how the process will go through and what possible issues can be expected.

Migration to Microsoft Office 365

After objectively assessing your readiness to make the jump to Microsoft Office 365, your trusted managed service provider should now move to the actual migration. They should be able to provide you with a plan, timeline, and documentation for the whole process. This way, you can plan ahead so that it will cause minimal to zero disruption to your business operations.

Flexible Microsoft Office 365 Licensing Options

If you already have Microsoft Office 365 license, your managed service providers should be able to still work with you. However, if you have no existing license, your managed service provider should be able to present you different flexible options that will suit the needs of your business. These are monthly pricing options that should be more convenient to take on for smaller businesses like yours. This way, you have the ability to subscribe only until the time that you need it. If you are unhappy, you can simply move to another productivity platform.

Technical Support for Microsoft Office 365 Issues

Your workforce will be able to use Microsoft Office 365 wherever they are, even away from the office. If they encounter problems with the Microsoft apps, they should be able to chat or call your managed service provider for technical assistance. Your provider can serve as your company helpdesk that is available 24/7.

Microsoft Office 365 Support from ThinkIT Solutions

thinkIT Solutions is a full-service IT company that provides businesses with expert solutions for different IT needs including Microsoft Office 365 Support.

We can assist your company in its shift to Office 365 from migration and implementation to management and support.

If you are interested in the mobility and flexibility Microsoft Office 365 can bring your business, you can call (504) 608-1132 for inquiries and assistance.

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