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What is an MSP?

A managed service provider (MSP) is an IT company that offers managed services to its clients. By hiring its services, an MSP will take over the management of your IT infrastructure. They will operate, monitor, and guarantee that all your IT systems remain healthy and secure.

What is a Service Desk?

Most MSPs offer a reliable service desk that their clients can reach out to. It serves as a communication center between an MSP and its clients. A service desk allows MSPs to provide necessary solutions to their client’s concern in a timely manner

MSP Service Desk New Orleans

Choosing to go with an MSP that has a reliable service desk system is important. It is where you are going to submit incident reports and service requests. With a reliable MSP service desk, you can ensure that all your concern will be addressed quickly.

Reasons Why MSP Service Desk is Important

The following are the top reasons why you should hire an MSP with a reliable service desk:

Reason No. 1: Quick Problem Resolution

No business would want to experience any tech issue. Unfortunately, those issues are inevitable. What’s worse is that these tech problems may affect the company’s productivity. But with an MSP service desk, you can guarantee that issues can be resolved more quickly.

Hiring an MSP with a reliable service desk will give you access to qualified IT professionals. These tech specialists will help you get straight to the root of any IT issue. With this, they can fix an issue before it leads to a worse system failure.

Reason No. 2: 24/7 IT Support

A great thing about MSP service desks are that they are available 24/7. They are still active in monitoring clients’ system, even after regular working hours. This is crucial as tech issues can happen at any time. With a service desk that provides 24-hour IT assistance, you can guarantee responsive support throughout the day.

Reason No. 3: Minimized Costs

With an MSP service desk, having an in-house IT team won’t be necessary. This helps your business to drive cost savings.

Hiring in-house technical support specialists can be really expensive. Some businesses don’t even have enough resources to afford it. In comparison, an MSP only charges a reasonable and recurring flat fee. This gives businesses access to a reliable service desk that is available at any time.

Reason No. 4: Better Business Focus

With an MSP service desk, your provider will take care of all your tech-related issues. This gives your business the opportunity to focus on other operational endeavors. Also, with your cost savings, you will have more resources to spend on other business competencies. This allows you to boost business operations and built better client relationships.

The Service Desk Team

Here are the common IT specialists that built a service desk team.

Team Member No. 1: Service Desk Manager

Service desk managers are the the one involved in the overall management of all desk activities. Hey are equipped of much advanced IT knowledge and skills that allows them to take wider customer service tasks. Service desk managers are also they key responsible for incident management and request fulfillment.

Team Member No. 2:  Service Desk Supervisor

Service desk supervisors are the one in charge of maintaining the quality of  IT support services of the whole service desk team. They also have intensive IT support knowledge and skills. Service desks supervisors can also assist junior IT support staff when necessary. They usually do this when tickets require additional or deeper technical skills.

Team Member No. 3: Service Desk Analyst

Service desks analysts are the first IT specialist that clients reach out to. Their in-depth technical knowledge and skills enable them to provide top-quality IT support for tickets received. Service desks analysts assure to give services that are in line with IT standards of your provider.


thinkIT Solutions: Reliable Service Desk New Orleans

If you are looking for an MSP that has a reliable service desk, check out thinkIT Solutions. It is a full-service Information Technology company that caters mostly to New Orleans-based businesses. For almost two decades, thinkIT solutions is providing top-notch managed IT services to clients. This allows their clients maintain the status and health of their IT infrastructures.

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