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Network Configuration

When it comes to IT needs, each business has its own. While there may be parallels with other organizations, each company uses its network uniquely to fit how they operate as a business. So, before you even purchase your first network equipment or hardware, you have to make sure that its design and configuration are suited to your business needs.

This is where professional network configuration from your trusted managed service provider (MSP) will be a big help.

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Network Configuration

Identifying your Business IT Network Needs

With your trusted MSP, you can begin identifying your business IT network needs. Here are some of the factors you and your MSP should consider before designing, implementing, and configuring your IT network:

Factor No. 1: What Networking Infrastructure is Already in Place?

Is your organization starting from scratch or is there an existing IT network in place that could be expanded or adjusted to suit the needs of the business? Even if there is an existing network, you also have to determine the equipment and hardware used for it, are they still top-of-the-line, or are they on the wrong part of deterioration? Also, is the company in the cloud, or are they using a purely on-premise IT network?

Factor No. 2: How Many Locations and Users Will Be Supported by the Network?

Another factor you’ve got to consider is the number of locations the IT network will be supporting. In the event that you have more than one business location, it may be best to have your network migrated to the cloud. This will permit your business to unify diverse locations under one IT system. That would be a more practical and cost-effective alternative compared to designing and configuring separate systems for each business location.

The same proceeds for the number of users. If your business is expanding, a rigid on-premise system might not be scalable enough to handle the increased number of machines connecting to it. The cloud, through your trusted MSP, is easily scalable if you need to increase the number of users of the network.

Factor No. 3: What Software and Applications are Used by the Business?

Each business has a set of software and applications that they need to run their business and the amount of storage and internet bandwidth each one needs to run is also different from each other.

Before any network setup and management can be done, you have to determine these so that you can ensure that the IT infrastructure can support it and will not be overwhelmed to the point that it gets bogged down.

Factor No. 4: What is Your Office Layout

The size of your office and how it is laid out can also affect the type of IT network you want to enforce. If you want your servers accommodated within your office, do you have the space to store them? Also, is there enough space on walls, floors, and even shelters to run your network cables, and will it be enough to support your workforce or would it be a tight fit?

Factor No. 5: What is Your Budget? 

 Last factor, but certainly not the least is how much you are willing to spend for your IT network.

Going for a fully on-premise system where you host your servers might be a bit expensive. But if you are ready to go to the cloud, or for at least part of your network, it might be a more cost-effective choice for you. This will remove the need to purchase expensive hardware and focus on the more affordable equipment like routers and switches that can affect how your network transmits data.

Network Configuration: Network Setup and Management from thinkIT Solutions

For headache-free network design, configuration, and management, thinkIT Solutions has your business covered.

When you sign up for our services, you will get

  • An objective and impartial evaluation of your existing data infrastructure
  • Professionally-developed timeline for the migration and deployment of your IT network
  • Professional and expert management of your IT network during and after migration and configuration
  • Testing of new technology so that it will not interfere with your business operations
  • Expert technical support for any troubleshooting needs

The best part is the major savings of time, money, and manpower it will give your business compared to the option of doing it on your own.

If your business needs network configuration from scratch or from an existing IT infrastructure, you can contact thinkIT Solutions now at (504) 539-4160!

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